CBD Oil In Australia – The Top Players Explained

More and more celebrities are now starting to embrace medical marijuana and CBD oil as a natural remedy for various health conditions. Tommy Chong recently launched his own marijuana brand. Chong told CNNMoney that perhaps he was the most popular pothead worldwide. Chong’s Choice, a renowned marijuana brand, is now using Chong’s name for its products. Celebrities with such instant brand recognition stand a great chance of swiftly penetrating this market. New Frontier’s last year data report indicated that the total sales amounted to $8 billion, which projects that United States sales will rise to $23 billion by the year 2020. By the end of this summer, Cana is expected to have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Legalization has actually promoted celebrity branding. It isn’t surprising that majority of celebrity personalities are jumping aboard to take advantage of the marijuana industry’s offerings.

Many Australian public figures have expressed their passion for all things CBD. Iggie Azalea being one of them.

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Chong is one of the celebrities who’ve lent their names to marijuana companies. Others include Willie Nelson whose name is being used by “Willie’s Reserve”, as well as Calvin “snoop dog” whose name is tied to “Leafs by Snoop”. The late Bob Marley’s family, including Rita (his widow) and their 11 children, play an important role in the marijuana sector. Marley Natural manufactures branded marijuana, CB pipes, plus body care products. Remember, Marley Natural is funded by Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based investment company, which has so far raised $200 million. Bob Marley’s name is tied very closely to the product than anyone else.

Australian residents of Melbourne know all too well the benefits that CBD shops bring to the economy.

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The likes of Snoop, Marley, as well as Chong,  are easy fits in the industry, but for better growth, it’s important to have other faces. The greatest challenge marijuana has is the stereotype associated with it. When a superstar who doesn’t seem to match the stereotype of a weed smoker opts to promote cannabis, people tend to perceive them as potential consumers who’re trying to mislead others. That’s why it is essential for the industry to bring in other celebrities such as Melisa Etheridge as well as “Whoopi” Goldberg who aren’t known for cannabis. Both recently launched new brands that promote the use of marijuana as a medical supplement. Etheridge believes that its an effective treatment for cancer symptoms while Goldberg promotes it as a natural remedy for menstrual cramps.

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Gene Simmons recently invested a whopping $10 million in Invictus, a renowned Canadian cannabis grower, even though he has never smoked it. He claimed that though he wasn’t into smoking pot, to him the investment was a big business move. Mike Tyson, who was formerly a boxer, also took part in a project that aimed to establish a marijuana farm in California.

6 Popular CBD Oil Producing Companies Operating In Australia

Some of the most popular companies that produce marijuana and CBD-based products include INSYS therapeutics, Terra Tech Corporation, NightFood Holdings, General Cannabis Corporation, as well as GW Pharmaceuticals.


1. Australian CBD Oils

One of the most experienced producers in the game, Australian CBD Oils keeps plugging away year after year with their amazing full-spectrum and isolate hemp and cannabidiol products.

They produce tinctures, balms, creams, pills, capsules, vape oils, and more.

For any ozzies out there that are looking for fast shipping when buying CBD online – this company gets their products out quick to all parts of Australia (including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and many other cities).

2. NightFood Holdings

NightFood Holdings is a reputable brand development company that’s currently pioneering the projected multi-billion dollar nutrition sector and manufacturing unique marijuana/cannabis products. The firm recently proclaimed that the company has retained GIS (Global Investigative Services) in response to certain suspicious business undertakings related to their common stock.

They were also featured recently (or at least “alluded to”) in WebMD’s latest article: CBD Oil: All the Rage, But Is It Safe & Effective?.

The company’s management team has discovered a trading pattern that raises a lot of suspicions that some market makes are possibly engaging in illegal market manipulation or what’s called “naked shorting”. Typically, such individuals will thrive by illegally pulling down a firm’s stock price whilst persuading inexperienced investors to sell off their shares in order to increase their profit further. This form of market manipulation is often conducted at the expense of the shareholders and the company, that’s why it is considered illegal.

3. GW Pharmaceuticals

GW Pharmaceuticals is another great biopharmaceutical company that’s committed to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel therapeutics from its cannabinoid product platform. The company recently announced receipt of Allowance Notices for 5 new Epidiolex patent applications that’ll be scheduled/listed in the Orange Book (also referred to as Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations) if its NDA is approved.  Through the regulatory exclusives r patent term adjustment regulations, one or more patents might be eligible for an added patent term. It’s projected that after they’re issued, these patents will expire in 2035.

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4. INSYS Therapeutics

INSYS Therapeutics lately appointed Trudy Vanhove as a member of its proficient Board of Directors Team. Being a leader in the production of pharmaceutical cannabinoids as well as spray technology, this company has got so much to offer. With extensive experience in the medical field, Dr. Vanhove will be part of the Board’s R&D commission as well.

With a stake in a recent Adelaide CBD construction facility, it is safe to say that INSYS Therapeutics is looking to build a strong base in Australia’s cannabis scene.

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5. Terra Tech Corp

Terra Tech, a vertically integrated marijuana-focused growing company recently commented that it has achieved huge financial outcomes in the industry. The rapid market growth and their aggressive expansion strategy have led to the company’s emergence as an top-notch retail and wholesale marijuana company in the U.S. Their strategy to upgrade the BlümTM and IVXXTM brands into premium products is what boosted its quick rise into the cannabis adult use market. Besides, when Nevada finally welcomed legalization in the year 29017, the company saw another great milestone. Since then, it Terra Tech Corp has significantly expanded their addressable market and advanced their potential growth path.

6. General Cannabis Corp

CANN, which is a powerful resource to the cannabis/marijuana industry, claims that apart from growth through acquisitions, it’s also dedicated to organic growth as achieving optimal profitability. The company has hugely invested in the formulation of sophisticated staffing models, and revenue projection strategies. With the aid of initial analyses and the existing cannabis infrastructure, CAAN strongly believes that it can capitalize on modern business lines, operating efficiencies, as well as cross-sale opportunities between different segments.

With all these new developments, the stigma associated with CBD oil is quickly fading away. Consumers have finally stopped asking if CBD will get them high and appreciating the incredible health benefits it offers. In 2018, cannabis has somehow become the most effective supplement for celebrities to fight stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and many more.