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early early
By poetprincess on 04/03/2009
Viewed: 159
Reviews: 4
early early
you rise……
tide is gone,
the water is warm.
drops run like
little ladybugs
across my skin.
still it''s
dark in the sky,
dark in my mind
i don''t want to< .....
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By poetprincess on 04/04/2009
Viewed: 126
Reviews: 2
wind runs across
my stomach
your lips
burning a
tattoo of
hands everywhere
in a boat
i''m drunk
your fingers
through deserts
heat exuding
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A Hard Story
By dmin on 05/18/2008
Viewed: 215
Reviews: 2
She's such a small
un-dark girl
Tits out to here
Eyes bright as apples
Red ones of course
like her mouth
Her hair has its roots
in San Diego I think
Blonde water
Spilli .....
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By jane_chakravarthy on 03/22/2008
Viewed: 244
Reviews: 3

Footsteps ponder, my heart
dancing to the beat of a
different drum,
the drummer, nowhere to
be seen, he escaped left the
echo in the womb

clouded conv .....
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dirt and playdough
By jesse.purplesea001 on 04/03/2009
Viewed: 122
Reviews: 2
in the dim light legs crossed reading
the dim but proud ? has yet to shine
will ? ever

you answer that question you
take it to the waterhole covered in rust and vegetation
cruc .....
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Romance Of Sinking Boats
By mslacuna on 03/29/2009
Viewed: 188
Reviews: 2
I walked along the sea.
The care of the salt
gently caressed my face,
while my feet absorbed
the fondness of the
mirth that splayed with
the swell and the foam.

The gl .....
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By joycecwilliams on 08/04/2008
Viewed: 200
Reviews: 1
Sun skips on
The water.


Hit my hair
Hot from

cooling to
my flesh.

Glide up the
Wat .....
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Breathing Beyond Air
By saore on 08/13/2008
Viewed: 158
Reviews: 5
Breathing Beyond Air

Once again, death is here to visit.
His hand ready to edit the tears
of what I have lost between the lines
of my latest canto.

Deat .....
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By illsayit on 02/09/2009
Viewed: 169
Reviews: 2
So fresh
So young
He is the play dough
And I the puppeteer
Running my fingers through his hair
And his life
Every which way I want

Why so cruel
I wonder
Am I the be .....
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Masochistic Hour
By illsayit on 02/07/2009
Viewed: 213
Reviews: 1
i am in the masochistis hour.
no sleep here
it hurts more to be awake

a door long ago locked away
has been reopened
for this hour i seek the pain

should''v .....
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To my old Cynics
By maselaelo on 03/31/2009
Viewed: 153
Reviews: 1
I looked upon myself with pride.
Just yesterday I was a little guy,
talking with my tongue twisted,
saying everything nobody
wanted in their ears, because
It was pure crap.

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Mirabile Dictu
By miamia on 04/02/2009
Viewed: 155
Reviews: 5
So wonderful to relate the main
event of the big tent, a sideshow
frangible as a chrysalis longing
to pull a Lord Lucan.

Show Me Your Bona Fides
I’ll show you my philosopher .....
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By jdupy on 03/17/2009
Viewed: 168
Reviews: 10
I heard, once,
of a winter when cold,
freezing rain,
and blankets of snow, so soft
never came,
and thought how a year
with no winter would be,
and laughed.

I thought .....
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The wee folk
By yellow_crayola on 03/28/2009
Viewed: 191
Reviews: 1
Saw some devils work today
A man and his wife crying;
A song about
A red automobile
From someone elses past;
Somone she had known,
And had recently
Got to knowing again< .....
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Shades of Recovery
By Flowrite on 03/21/2009
Viewed: 199
Reviews: 2
When the curtain comes down
Who am I
I remember the lingering history
From where I came
A fragmented spirit
My blackness is my light
That guides me
If I follow
I will soar .....
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Behold This Day
By mysticalpoet on 03/25/2009
Viewed: 124
Reviews: 1
Behold the mystery of the foliage that
folds itself upon this day.

The silent agriculture that listens
among cypress terraces.

The wind awakens the turquoise light
with vel .....
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Letter (On The Swell)
By mslacuna on 03/23/2009
Viewed: 155
Reviews: 1
What would you like me to say?
That I''d let my
pages unfurl for you?
So that you could turn each
one slowly and take your time,
so as best to interpret
and reveal each ima .....
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Mirror Image
By maselaelo on 02/23/2009
Viewed: 110
Reviews: 2
I smile you smile,
I frown you frown,
I talk you talk,
but I can’t hear you,
though your lips seem too farfetched.
It’s like you are saying
exactly what I’m saying.
Why are .....
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By maselaelo on 02/26/2009
Viewed: 234
Reviews: 5
You strut in the dark,
leaving contusions on innocent hearts.
Eyes that see you
are duped by your earnestness.

When you make a pure sham,
A polar bear is a shame.
I hea .....
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Career woman
By maselaelo on 03/24/2009
Viewed: 106
Reviews: 1
Suddenly I saw a stance,
knocking down the stereos,
they are some sort of types.
In front of men with old beards,
gyrating without fear.
She summoned with reason,
with reluctanc .....
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