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This flesh is rotten, I need a new one
By maselaelo on 06/07/2011
Viewed: 159
Reviews: 1
In the lull of my time
Reminiscences are rueful
Envisions are painful
For I was beaten not once
But much, shy since the second

Inside this dandy tegument
‘Tis some sated .....
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By lindaseaver on 10/15/2009
Viewed: 148
Reviews: 1
Rating: No Rating
I like roses
and their beautiful hues
red,white,yellow ,pink
long stem of course
although miniatures are nice too
they are so fragant
and lovely to view.

© By lindaseaver .....
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Oh, Sweet Trivia
By Buddy on 04/20/2008
Viewed: 228
Reviews: 5
Well, the question
has been raised,
'what's the reason
that we're here for?'
And some have claimed
to know.
But they found
the answer hard to show
'cause the heated .....
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Footprints of your retreat
By maselaelo on 06/07/2011
Viewed: 151
Reviews: 2
Rating: No Rating
Your departure left me fractured
Leaving no hope of a vivid morrow
With dreams gate crushed
By undesirable incubuses

My soliloquies are saturnine
Which I am cognisant
It .....
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The Lily and the Stone Part I & II
By Domesticated on 05/24/2011
Viewed: 167
Reviews: 6

Dead heat of August,
the Southern September was
what gave way to the sucking noise
before, during, after sex.

Generally, you’d wash first.
Here, the language n .....
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By Natti on 06/01/2011
Viewed: 106
Reviews: 1
I read the words of a man
And I wondered...

Of the life he led
And the things he said
And of what he might have said to me
If our two paths had crossed

I read the words .....
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The Cloak (The Revision)
By Jack Frost on 05/27/2011
Viewed: 244
Reviews: 8

wandering around in
weaving in and out of
neurological pathways
associations, recollections
pages I’ve written but haven’t

whispered.....to my pen

a child sh .....
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let's dine out (apologies for formating diffi
By jwh on 06/07/2011
Viewed: 112
Reviews: 0
Rating: No Rating
some old street women, toothless for years, moving parched
blood cracked lips, smack, smack,
in, out.
metastasized tiara, queen snake tongue, yellowed, by sidewalk-
g .....
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Alberta Jane Ray
By Whenshecries on 06/06/2011
Viewed: 142
Reviews: 7
This is a story about
Alberta Ray Jane
A girl who tried so hard,
but only got blamed.

She put on a play
with her face
with her acts
you would think nothing was wrong
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Another night
By Cervantes on 06/06/2011
Viewed: 480
Reviews: 4
Weather worn
as the rain beats me down
to a new dawn

The rhythm of night
is a dance I find myself
doing over and over
but I still cannot escape this fog rush

She fl .....
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By lindaseaver on 12/08/2009
Viewed: 177
Reviews: 3
Serenade me
I love to hear
the strings
play me a song
all day long
guitar man
serenade me
play me a song
that only I know
and then my
heart will smile
guitar ma .....
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The Girl With The Yellow Ribbon
By SheWritesMorbidWords17 on 02/18/2010
Viewed: 149
Reviews: 2
No more crying from the bedroom
No more aching in your hearts
No more pain everyday
No more falling apart

She smiled once; smiled once more
Before her eyes closed to heavens wo .....
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topsy-turvy me
By poetprincess on 04/03/2009
Viewed: 177
Reviews: 9
soft like sweetness….
cotton candy
that whisper fervently
my pillow wet with
trapped in a
tower all alone
surrounded by so
LOU .....
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Letter to the rich (From the poor)
By maselaelo on 03/25/2009
Viewed: 135
Reviews: 3
Yesterday I drank water,
to nourish myself.
Then I drank water,
Just like you do
after drinking those sweet
nourishing, cultivating liquids.

The first time it was right,
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By Natti on 06/05/2011
Viewed: 154
Reviews: 1
-Silence… … (Everywhere)
Colours are not colours today
Only dark shadows appear
Like a veil of grey being drawn over the world
A dark day is today-

I arrive at the house of the .....
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By lindaseaver on 08/21/2010
Viewed: 213
Reviews: 1
Rating: No Rating
So pure and white the opposite of
black of night ,lily so radiant
and free pure as light
flower of day lily sway in
the wind or embellish a vase.

© By lindaseaver On 8/21/2010 .....
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By jwh on 04/22/2011
Viewed: 137
Reviews: 3
Rating: No Rating
(you''ll have to excuse the lack of punctuation in this poem as I could not reproduce the same look here. It was very open with space acting as punctuation of sorts)

the times before
< .....
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The demise of a noble stranger
By maselaelo on 06/01/2011
Viewed: 134
Reviews: 4
Sunrise of a peculiar day
Birthed by a thunderous jingle
Of a many-tinted birdie
It must be of natal, I repudiated

The siesta was pruned too
8 hours, my convention
So up I g .....
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By lindaseaver on 05/22/2011
Viewed: 271
Reviews: 12
What you see in my
eyes is not what
i see in yours
what you see in my
words is not the
same as what i see in yours
lets be honest tell
the truth i may not be
eloquent b .....
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By Ignorance/is/bliss on 01/28/2010
Viewed: 175
Reviews: 8
I won''t judge who you are
Just who you should be
I won''t say you aren''t enough
Unless you want the truth
And you can have the world
Atleast the one I give you
So lets be hap .....
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