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The Chuckling Bard \

Ben & Bob`s Ist XMas & BDay Pt 1

Ben & Bob`s Ist XMas & BDay Pt 1
By deadmanseeking on 01/28/2015
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Robert was puzzling over things. His various ailments made it hard to make a good first decision and sometimes the presence, (he thought is was his passed wife, Evangeline.) would come over him and take everything to a special magic healing place that was very pleasant. Then, five or ten minutes or so later, he would try to remember what the original project was. Then, in about another ten minutes, he would take out the garbage or play the guitar and sing his songs or go for his exhausting half hour walk or other more important things. Back when he was a double mush head he wasn`t aware of the time it took to make a move. Now that he was a clear minded mush head, things were better and he was able to cut his decision making time down to where he would show up for things at almost the right time.
So, no one was surprised when Robert showed up for his granddaughter, Angelesence and his Angelesence/Grampy day on time. Indeed, they were trying to settle Angel down because she had just learned that the next Angel/Grampy day was going happen without Grampy as it was Christmas Eve and since it was Ben`s first Christmas Gwyneth and William wanted to spend it as a family and then with William`s family.
Well, Robert allowed as that was a grand idea and Angel didn`t say she disagreed which meant she was considering it as she and Robert trooped upstairs to play Grampy games like follow Angel`s lead on the kazoo and memory and war and balloons and repeat what I say after singing I know I know some stuff, what, which was a song Angel had created. And they laughed and giggled and had a fine time and then, "Supper."
And what a fine meal they had. Robert had three different sandwiches and Angel had her usual which was corn dog nuggets, cheese curds,
A&W Root Beer float, A&W Root Beer sucker, and a kids cone. She was older so all that sugar didn`t make her zippy or wet the bed.
So, it was back home and back upstairs and no shower so Grampy games then prayers and stories. Only one prayer this night, Angel`s one line bless everyone prayer. From her Children`s Bible, Grampy read of Jesus` death and resurrection. After Grampy was done, Angel had questions about God and Jesus and why they couldn`t be seen. Grampy stopped a beat. Angel wasn`t buying that unseen Grampy was going to be part of her Christmas Eve because he was in her heart. She was also missing her great grandma Dorcas on William`s side, who had passed about two months before, and, also grandma Evangeline, whom she never got to see, as she had passed eight months before Angel`s birth.
It took Robert about ten minutes of reminding Angel that she`d felt and sometimes seen Evangeline`s presence. He used that to further add that she might find a way to understand God`s and Jesus` invisible presence is always part of her invisible spiritual world
and sometimes felt in her physical world. She pretended to get that argument. He further asked if she felt his love when he wasn`t with her or when grandma Rita and grampa Nick, William`s parents weren`t with her. She said she did. Robert got her with the clincher. He asked her if she`d miss Ben and her Mom and Dad and their six pets if she was with Grampy on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. They played some more and he gave her a Grampy whisker hug and tucked her in.
As he was leaving she opened her bedroom window to the five degree below zero weather and joyously shouted her Christmas discovery, "My mom`s not stupid!" Robert smiled as he reminded her to make sure she shut her window. He considered his unexpected mission a success. And grinned again as he got in his car waving his hand as was his way. Angel`s mom and step dad had trouble figuring out Robert`s and Angel`s closeness. It was simple. He listened. Isn`t that a chuckle?

Part 2 will follow shortly which will have
Ben in it.

? By deadmanseeking On 1/28/2015 3:05:37 AM
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