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School Fool.

School Fool.
By moog on 01/13/2017
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I left scool not being able to read or write
But I sure quickly learned how to fight
I'd go home with a black eye nearly every night.

I never learned to spell
Teacher said I was the worst in the class to smel.

English was jibberish to me
I couldn't even count A.B.C
The girls would chase me around the playground all day
After I crept into the changing rooms
And took their clothes away.

School dinners yuck!
Would end up in the bin
I soon grew very tall and very thin.

I often got the cane
But put several school books in my pants
To prevent the pain.

Kisses from the teachers oin all my books
something I mistook as being fancied
And would lead tosome hanky panky.

My school blazer didn't fit
Down to my knees
Mom said I'd grow into it
But I still haven't at thirty three and a bit.

I once played a tree in a schiol play
And had to stand still most the day
School was such a bore
I'd often drift off in some fantasy upon a tropical shore
But I was soon brough back to reality
When the teacher would throw a ruler at me.

I knew girls were different
But I wasn't sure why
Until bossoms and bums grew and caught my eye.

Girls girls I couldn't get enough
It must have been a hundred times I fell in love.

I recall the school trips
And on the bus we'd behave like lunatics
Peope would run and hide
Whenever they saw us pass by.

Armed with with pea shooter kung fu stars and catapults
Always ready for a full assult.

In woodwork I always hit my thumb
And went home crying to my mum.

Games on the sports feild was fun
i'd hide with my binoculars and watch the girls play hockey and run.

In science I made a bomb
Went to class the next day
And the classroom was gone.

Once I put frog spawn in a teachers bag
Suddenly he had a hundred baby frogs he never had.

I was always in trouble it wasn't fare
It was never me I just hapoened to be there

Time for home hurrah school bell
Quick run like hell.

Peter Dome. Coyright.2017.

? By moog On 1/13/2017 6:21:54 AM
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