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Suicide King

Suicide King
By NuriHan on 02/10/2013
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It all happened so fast,one minute they were there and the next they were gone. Life seemed a cruel reminder of what once was.
It happened all to fast, and brought with it a great pain.
We never knew it could be this way, this cruel and heartless.
The nights and days seemed joined at the waist,no matter how far you searched there was no light.
I ran and ran, till all of me bleed.People changed, they changed in a way that was not possible.
I kept running. You see this was not something we hadn''t known, we knew we all knew far to well.
Then I stopped running, I stopped all the madness, all the madness ended with me. I became the Suicide King.
I had no crown or kingdom, but I had lost worth more.
I raised my chest, and walked with elegant grace, I was of great caliber.
This I knew would not be easy, but fortune favored the brave, and boy was I brave.
It was a great best, that had nine lives. I had one, but suffered nine deaths.
I took it by the neck,and held it firm.
Then I striked with all I had. It was little, but little was sufficient.
I saw a tear come down its jagged faceless face, if I had died then I would''ve died a king.
Yet fate was as cruel as the beast.
I felt the life leaving me slowly, life had betrayed me.
I took the blade and cut me deep.
I made it feed on my blood, its mouth had no room for mercy as it ripped me open. But you see I was the merciless one.
The beast was feeding on years of poisoned blood savagely from my heart.
He fell to its knees and withered away, I fell to.
This is how I became known as the suicide King

By NuriHan On 2/10/2013 3:54:23 PM
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