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Yet I wonder

Yet I wonder
By Brynda on 05/17/2016
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"Yet I Wonder some how, often the small's cries can break a person into something so dry...

How can we lean into something that feels so terrify yet let it be seen throughout the visions of the blind

I learn to love, yet have mastered the material of forgiving of what can open you up, and let you fold and break upon the open doors of fear and hatred inside.

You come crying and hear I am with open arms of forgiveness of pain that was done on to you, yet where was you when I needed open arms of your forgiveness of the pain. You have indoor on me with lack of love and self righteous.

How can you forgive the love of others that have shatter the doors from your well being?

When can you look at them circle upon there eyes and say " how can you hurt me and live on with your life's journey of this message, if it endorse of my pain? "

Yet here I am and there you once where, a mother to me I thought I knew, I thought I could trust once you brought me upon you and let me see the life you brought me into...

I could of swore it was a dream the way you beat me, the way you picked me up when I was four years old and dropped me face first... I knew it was them who touched me at five years old, the way you adore them with more love than me. You knew it wasn't a dream from the moment your rights where terminated, you didn't bother to go to sleep and wake up with me in your arms as I stayed sleeping in peace with my twin sister at my side, instead you laugh while I bottled up and broke down with the pain of cries of a lost soul...

You didn't care she was gone, you didn't care if I asked questions bout her pass away, instead you laugh while I died over inside, from the answers I never was given even if I tried more than the clocks that strikes at midnight. Repeating it cycle of living hours past its own time...

Yet I wonder as all gift come and go nothing lasts and nothing stays forever,
How can you be so blind by the deductions of life?

But as a fool you played the puppet show and there I am dancing before the crowd while they clap and you laugh ... As you pull the strings and I fall into your trap ,because you played the fool of my own choices that you chosen me for...

Yet as nears come by and tears fall upon my brown eyes, I can't help but Wonder what it would be like if you could feel the emotions of "Dance with my father again" by Luther Vandross....

I'll cry in pain as no more wonder's can't stamper over my rain of tears. When it storms it thunders into anger and when it rains, it pours out of the sky for she is hurt and in tears in with destiny from her sisters fears...."

" For when it sings the cage bird dances with it flocks of remains of its own strengthen"

~by, Brynda

Brynda Cardona (nineteen years old now) life is like a book, every chapter is a new beginning, but life itself is no prediction.

? By Brynda On 5/17/2016 11:38:05 PM
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