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Lemonade Risk/Challenge

Lemonade Risk/Challenge
By deadmanseeking on 07/23/2016
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Lemonade can be a risk
To a recovering alcoholic
With type 2 diabetes.

A cold sugary glass
Of the sweet vamp lemonade
Will never be enough.
That sugar bug monster inside
Will stamp it`s feet
And demand more! More!
Add a malt and cheeseburgers
On a sugary buns.
It will not be enough!
More! More! More! More!
Add a pizza on a sugary crust
With a sugary sauce.
It will not be enough!
More! More! More! More!
Add a somewhat sugary pasta
Topped with a sugary sauce.
It will not be enough!
More! More! More! More!

While that sugar monster bug
Isn`t like the now sleeping
Alcoholic dragon that,
When woken, will breath it`s
Fiery never quenched demands
Far longer than the bug.
While there can be
A sooner end
To a sugary food binge,
It`s best for this one
To say, "No!"
To that first glass from hell.

Oh, she`s an enticing demon bug.
She has, for most, a benign liquid
All dressed up with ice
And a wedge on the glass
And a straw
And condensation beads
Racing to the table top.
Even before the first sip
Through the straw,
The memories
Of the sensation
Of that last
First sip through a straw
Start to fill the brain
So it sends the drool signal
To the tongue
In anticipation
Of the joy of the chaos
That will ensue
When the sugar bug screams,
"More! More! More! More!"
And, "Feed me! Feed me!"

That damned bug is released
To stomp and demand and rage!

The end will come
Several days later
With a somewhat sated, bloated belly,
A red face,
A gasping breath,
And a racing heart.
The blood sugar
May be over 300.
The legs will be bloated.
The fingers will be bloated and slower.
The heart and brain
May be semi clogged with blood
Approaching the consistency
Of motor oil.

All because, maybe this time,
I thought I could say no
After I had consumed
That tempting liar
And got the first sensation
Of that first little sugar rush
From an innocent glass
Of lemonade.

Bet you can`t drink one.

? By deadmanseeking On 7/23/2016 8:52:55 AM
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