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Challenge 19: After Life ...

Challenge 19: After Life ...
By ANU on 06/12/2011
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Reviews: 2

Horde of people around me
Waiting with baited breath to see me talking
They are hugging me ,kissing me
I raise my hand to reciprocate
But I cant touch them
I want to dry their tears but I dont reach them
As if they are at a distance

I shout but it goes unheard
I fidget and get up
But they dont come after me
They continue looking at a person on the bed
Who is he ,so important than me ?

But who cares !
I feel so light as if filled with air
I think I can fly
I walk on air,
Rest on A fluffy cushion of clouds

The world seems so bright
When you can see it from the sky
The colours are so vivid
How did I never notice it earlier?

Is this some kind of dream
And I am on a dream vacation
But Wow I love it
I dont want to be awakened from my slumber

I feel so complete and happy now
As if I dont have a worry in the world
But I miss my family and friends
I try to find the address of this wonderful place
Where I was ,on this sojourn
I hope to send it to them
So that they may come and enjoy here too

Though they ignored me lately
Concentating on that bloke on the bed
I forgive them,as i love them so much
But I seem to suffer from a temporary amnesia ,not remembering their names and faces
Dont know what is happening to me
I shiver with cold,though the sun is shining bright
And what is this quaint place I have never seen before

I open the gate ,but it seems so desolate out here
No traffic,no rushing people around
There I see a beautiful mansion
And some angels I have seen in books
Some singing birds,some rainbows
And it is written here "Welcome to the heaven"

I cant believe my dream ,
It all seems so chaotic ,
I am confused as this seems so good to be true
I think i should wake up now
It is going too far
I shake myself into reality
The scene around me is not gone yet !

I wander around,and come to a place I think I know
It is written there
"Here rests the body" with my name engraved on it
What a practical joke it is,
I know it is the work of Charlie, the prankster
What the hell!
And hey ,there is my family
I scream their names
But they dont turn back
How indifferent they seem to my existance!

But wait do I exist at all?

© By ANU On 6/12/2011 3:37:18 AM
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