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By JustynRosethorn on 07/24/2011
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A fairy tale beggining, a girl meets a guy,
but here''s a twist, he''s a snake, and she''s another good time,
And as he used and beat her, Everything she soon put him above,
She was nothing to him but oh.... she was deadly in love....

Well days and nights, and weeks go by, he takes everything she''s got,
His skin gets cold at her very touch yet to her the fire''s hot,
She''s done, she''s old and used, he''s finished, He wants nothing but for her to go,
He hates, he loathes and is disgusted by her, and yet she loves him so...

Its their 3rd Anniversary... She gets ready...but.... He has other plans. He tries to leave her and she stands in his way. She says....

I love you dear, Loved you everday,
I''ve seen what you''ve done, I know what they say,
Its doesnt matter to me, I love you anyway,
Call me worthless, lie and cheat, just as long as you stay,

She explains,

I walk to my closet, always dressed nicely, comb my hair,
I know you wont notice, I love you, I dont care,
Smelling of soft lavender, I put on my make up, just for you dear,
I got ready just for you, please dont leave me here,

She walks up to him standing still...takes his hands and she puts them around her waist. Holding tight.

I dont ask for much, just give me your heart,
So is it too much to ask you to hold me in you arms,
Tell me you care, honey please, never leave my side
I need you to hold me, HOLD ME!!!..... without you I''ll die,

He pushes here to the ground. She''s tries to make him happy.

Why are you leaving? Sit, I made your favorite meal,
The fancy bread you like, with the crusts all pealed,
You''re my sunrise and sunset. Why cant you see?
Why is it you want nothing to do with me?

She jumps onto him, clinging hard. Kissing him.

Is it because of the money? I can work more,
I''ll get two jobs, maybe three, you can quit yours,
I''ll support us both, You''ll have all you need,
Im asking you with all my heart, just dont leave,

I want you to want me! I NEED you to need,
If you dont trust me chain me here, really, there''s no place I need to be,
I just have to have you, there''s nothing else, you see?
Cant you see I love you? Why are you doing this to me?

He throws her off. She falls to the floor then crawls over and grabs his pants leg pleading on her knees.

Anything you want, you''ve got, Im your loyal slave,
forget these stupid bruises, just kill me, Ill love you through my grave,
You''re everything, my everything, shut the door and hold me tight,
I told you, I Love you honey, You''re not leaving me tonight,

As she gravels at his knees, he turns and kicks her square in the face. She spits out the blood and teeth, smiles throught the hair covering her face and says.....

Push me, hit me, slap me, scratch me, as long as its your touch,
Your not walking out that door tonight or ever for the much,
I love you so much, it makes me insane, Im blind with love my dear,
I wont let you go for anything, I will kill to keep you here,

He cant understand why she wont let go! "I cheated on you! Lots of times!!! YOU''RE NOTHING!" She replies...

I know about all the other girls,I know you lie and cheat,
Sure they have your body but your heart.. Oh that belongs to me!
dont you love my dress tonight, its your favorite color blue!
You wont ever leave me, I meant it, honey, I LOVE YOU!!!

He opens the door and walks out. She catches his arm, warning one last time. "You''re not leaving me tonight!!!"

There they stood on the porch that night, dead silent, neither one would breathe,
He stood looking down the barrel of the gun knowing nothing,but she knew he''d never leave,
So infatuated with this gorgeous man she loved, she took one last look then POW!!!....
Her dear, her love, lying dead, she says " You will never leave me now...."

© By JustynRosethorn On 7/24/2011 1:09:57 AM
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