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By JustynRosethorn on 07/24/2011
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My thoughts are solid land, my thoughts, a mighty sea,
Constantly lost, floating on golden clouds of dreams,
My life is a glowing fantasy, a shimmering tale of knights,
Covering vast and wondrous distances, gaping trenches to dazzling heights,

Each moment is filled with beauty here,
Such a fire, brilliant, radiant and warm,
and the air smells of sweet honey and its clear
the waters are glass bridges, sparkling, flowing, in arching forms

My world is one of the sweetest sugars and the most bitter,the harshest spice,
One side sizzling with the steams of life, the other barron, dead with ice,
And here the berries grow ripe and round, shinning with all the suns power,
the taste is bold and exciting, untamed like kindred wildflowers

In my dreams, at night, the mountains sing and harmonize,
the wind runs wild, free, backflipping, spinning through the skies,
while the moon, oh the moon is a stunning ghostly soul,
floating slilently over clear crystalline waters, holding a soulful hold,

Oh such A magical sky, shinning crimson,orange and sapphire,
dreamy purple, vivid passion red, the colors of my hearts wildest desires,
Birds made of diamonds, colored a brittle pink, wings beating so eratic
Below, an ocean of dreams teams with fish made of glowing pearls, a sight so fantastic!

My thoughts are solid land, my thoughts, a mighty sea,
Constantly lost, forever floating on golden clouds of dreams,
My life is a wild fantasy, a shimmering tale of knights,
For in the blossoms of these beautiful dreams I will always live my life

© By JustynRosethorn On 7/24/2011 1:47:28 AM
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