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No Name, No Rank, No Regiment

No Name, No Rank, No Regiment
By Pheonux on 01/25/2012
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A child walks along a path, in a void of life.
Alone, yet not frightened. He has been traveling as such for so long
with naught a companion by his side.
Time has tested him, and at times bested him.
Nut he never lets his resolve waiver
His spirit burns with such intensity, one can see it within the depths of his eyes.
The fire of the Phoenix, never truly dying, ignited within at birth.
At times it seems to consume his whole being, so strong is his will.
Other moments, it is but a single ember, fighting to remain lit,
to not allow itself to be smothered by the surrounding darkness.
He has proven his prowess, time and time again,
in action, thought and word.
He has shown his passion, though it was not always returned,
by those who at one time or another were dear to his heart.
In body he seems but a boy, fragile and soft.
Yet his mind, ah what a marvel it is, absorbant and quick.
Cunning and counting, he takes in all perspectives,
not allowing himself to be sawyed by the judgements of those who deem themselves , greater than him.
Rather, he listens; always listens, and forms his own opinions.
The child, his heart almost seems as barren as the road he walks.
The ones he sheltered within it, left is scarred and tattered,
leaving those who remained to gather the pieces and stitch them back together.
The pain is not new, he has felt it many times before.
Instead of succoming to it though, he uses it as fodder for the flame of his spirit.
It does not weigh him down, rather it fuels him, propelling him to march on.
March on he does,, along the road that is life.

-Poems are not just words written on papers. First, they were words, written in minds, and on hearts.-

By Pheonux On 1/25/2012 8:30:16 PM
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