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Sic Erat in fatis (It Is Fated)

Sic Erat in fatis (It Is Fated)
By Pheonux on 01/25/2012
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I''m writing you this letter, to try and make sense of everything I feel,
cause every time I''ve tried to tell you, my breath is another thing that you steal.
As I''m lying here in bed at night, you''re the one thing that''s on my mind,
and no matter how hard I search, it seems the right words are something I can''t find.
Do you remember the times we spent all night long, talking about our hopes and dreams?
Whenever times got a little tough, it was on the other''s shoulders on which we leaned.
Whether it was a scraped knee or broken heart, I turned to you, and you I.
Now as I think of the past, I think of all that''s gone by.
I''m not sure when it happened, but I started seeing you in a different light.
Whenever I tried to talk to you about it, the words never came out right.
We would laugh off my ackward mess, and talked of other things.
When you would talk of another guy, I can''t tell you how much it would sting.
And when tears streaked your cheeks, it took all I had to not kiss them away.
Our tastes in music, movies and clothes would change, but my feelings for you have never swayed
They say that distance, well, it makes the heart grow fonder.
It''s something I can attest to, it''s not something I''ve had to ponder
I''ve spoken my heart, through paper and pen,
and now I wonder if I have the courage to have this letter sent.
In reality though, this may never be before your eyes.
I''m stuck with the label of ''friend,'' it''s something I''ve come to realize.

-Poems are not just words written on papers. First, they were words, written in minds, and on hearts.-

By Pheonux On 1/25/2012 8:32:10 PM
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