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New Valentines Coffee Recipe

New Valentines Coffee Recipe
By rustyoltool on 01/26/2012
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Mornin coffee thinkin of you!
Simmers thoughts of a wonderful brew,
as dreams of romance percolate into view!
Such an awesome aroma I sense,
if we were to become more intense!
How''s about a warm slow roast,
somethin that you''ll like the most!
And if you want to make it nice''n hot,
know Im gonna like you a lot!
Here''s some sugar for your cup dear,
with visions of holding you near!
Cafe au'' lait is a tasty treat,
but bet your the one thats really sweet!
What a rich blend we''ve found,
and I look forward to stickin around!
Guess I better get a bigger pot,
well considerin all the luv you got!
Starbucks gives you lots of frothy foam,
you know I cant wait to get you all alone!
Wishin you have a bottomless mug,
so I can give ya lotsa hugs!
Hey care for some Arab-bic-ka,
you wont mind if I grab-at-ya!
Guarantee there wont be any harsh bitter taste,
soon as I get wrapped around your sexy waist!
Gettin dizzy the smells so heavenly robust,
why honey you might like if I just go for bust!
Want to wait for a traditional slow drip,
and get better acquainted with your upper ''n lower lip!
Expresso has a very strong flavor,
but girl it''s you I really want to savor!
Fix''in yours up all real creamy,
and gettin it nice and steamy!
Oh so sweet and yummy,
brings a taste of joy to my tummy!
Shots of Kahluha makes a good intoxicating mix,
and I would crave to give you a nice fix!
Yep just hoping that you''ll spike my cup,
and really stiffin things up!
Darlin for you I''m makin it strong,
so maybe I can kiss ya all night long!
And anytime your ready to take a drink,
deep within your arms I long to sink!
Be glad to fix ya a mocha delite,
and still be kiss''in ya come early daylight!
Next there comes a double shot latte,
your turn to show me how your so risque!
Carefully made you''ll never find any course grounds,
your tearin me up with all them sweet moanin sounds!
Just ask me to prepare yours with a french press,
and surely you wont last long in that lil mini dress!
Amazing what happens when you roast a little bean,
lacey silk stockings tempt where to get in between!
Just hollar whenever you want a cappuccino,
now what about that juicy maraschino!
Ahhh the heated scent is so incredibly aromatic,
why honey never knew your so kinky ''n acrobatic!
So whenever you ponder for your cup,
k-n-o-w that I''d like to just fill you right up!
Hope you enjoy plenty of refills too,
coz baby I wanna get next to you!
By the time ya figured this isnt your average java,
more than a volcano will be flowin like molten lava!
Mmmm talkin bout good to the last drop,
whoa babe I''m about ready to pop!
Thinkin you might go for a really fine grind,
I''m about ready to lose my mind!

Copyright 2012, John Miller Walter

By rustyoltool On 1/26/2012 9:42:54 PM
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