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How Do You Still Do This To Me.?

How Do You Still Do This To Me.?
By summerlove1915 on 02/01/2012
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Does it ever end? The butterflies.
The foolishness, & laughter. I prepare myself for another sleepless night, but this time, I fall asleep faster.
Good thoughts. How do your eyes still do that? How do your lips still do this? Leave me lingering. Not I, but my heart. We can''t possibly be near the end, cause it still feels like it did from the start.
I''m ignorant, not smart. Your words, not mine. What a lovely choice of vocabulary. I''ll be sure to use it sometime. But never with you.
I''ll never make you feel how you make me feel. Love & Hate... All in one form. One hateful look from you, seems to make me squirm. Why do you look at me like that?
As though you wish I never existed. If that''s the case, then leave me be, but you know that you''ll soon miss this.
My kisses. Your bottom lip. The words, I Love You, we always seemed to skip. But, that''s alright. The feeling''s there.
You say you''ll never say those words.
I say you''re just scared.
Doesn''t it feel nice knowing I''ll always be there?
3 years of memories, still in counting. What are we still doing here? The arguing, irritation, & complete unstability.
It''s been 3 years now. How do you still do this to me?
Why do you hold me so close, yet act so eager to let go? Why do you whisper in my ear, tell me everything I wanna hear. Then outta fear, intentionally make your feelings unbelievably, unclear.
Do you ever lie awake at night, as our memories circle through your brain? So many things we''ve said before, but there''s so much more we''ve yet to say.
Will you ever say it? Say you''ll let me take it all away. The stress, the tears, the fears, the pain. Please let me attempt to wipe them all away.
Let me hold you. The way you pretend to hold me. Allow me to show you how truly loved you are without you pushing me away.
Why push me away.? Someone who cares more than you could ever imagine. I''m so free with you. The happiness has more effect than any of the sadness. So with that being said, just hold me close...
I don''t mind if we pretend.
Cause one thing I know, that you don''t know. You''re gonna mean it in the end. <3

<3 ~~ Summer Love((;

By summerlove1915 On 2/1/2012 3:31:42 PM
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