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All I Have

All I Have
By kennethcook on 06/18/2012
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I want to give you gold; shining, glistening, eye-popping piles of unfathomable, unimaginable wealth.
We would travel to exotic lands, tasting wines a century old, and hungrily absorbing every human culture on the planet.

I want to give you leisure; that secure, rest-easy feeling of blue-sky, cloud-free, ocean-breeze, screw-it-all luxury.
We would waste the days in music-filled, sun-drenched laziness; sharing poetry, and eagerly gazing into each other's love-intoxicated, sparkling eyes.

I want to give you security; care-free, loose-happy liberation, with that dancing, humming, whirling feeling of who-cares?
We would do anything and everything our giddy, freethinking minds could possibly contrive, while we laughed at the dark, threatening storm-clouds that dare not rain, in their ominous, but cowardly impotence.

I have nothing to give you.
The pittance I have is vacuumed up by my pathetic life's needs before it ever has a chance to manifest its green, paper-face in my empty pockets.
The word leisure is an unknown dimension in my overworked, overwhelmed, underachieving, underpaid life.
The only security in my lowly existence is the certainty of death, as I wearily walk on the fragile, tissue-thin, cracked-glass path of day-by-day uncertainty.

I have nothing to give you,
except me,
and my puny, but love-stuffed heart,
which beats in rhythm with my racing, panting, throbbing breath.
And my soul, which vibrates in tune to the music of your being.

I have nothing to give you,
except me.
But I'm all yours, until the stars turn blue from the cold of space.

-- Kenneth N Cook

By kennethcook On 6/18/2012 2:59:49 PM
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