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My Life; Leave You Where You Stand.

My Life; Leave You Where You Stand.
By summerlove1915 on 07/03/2012
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Time for a new start, maybe it''s time for an end
Take the time to look back and decipher, when it all began.
The mischief the stress, all the unnecessary tears,
It seems like each mistake has repeated itself multiple times over the years
Was any of it worth it? Where''s the trust gone?
Will I ever get it back? Will I ever go home?
Is this where I belong? 90 days in a group home.
I look back on it all, and ask myself, "What have I done?"
How did I get here? I was just having fun? Is that so wrong?
I''m 17 years old. I shouldn''t have to turn 33 the second I get home.
So many responsibilities at such a young age, I look around and wonder to myself,
Are any of these girls on the same page?
How do I change? That''s all I really wanna do?
Where do you look first, when you''ve lost the real you?
Do you look in the garbage? Do you look in your shoe?
What happens if no-one even remembers the old you?
Where did she go. Seriously, I need her now.
She''s the one who lifted everyone''s chin, when THEIR heads were down.
Now, she''s no-where to be found.
Someone told me she drowned, in an ocean full of tears.
Someone told me she suffocated, in a world full of fears.
Someone told me she was stabbed to death, by too many so-called friends.
Someone told me she couldn''t take it anymore, she was far passed her wits end.
Someone told me she bled to death, when she lost her hands.
She held on for so long, to the wrong, but right man.
Does that make any sense? Is that hard to understand?
How do you start over? How do you re-begin?
When every guy, you come across, only wants you to let him in.
I just wanna be let in... Don''t touch my legs, touch my heart. I want your voice to cause each and every nightmare to depart.
Why''s it so hard, for them to see simple beauty?
Look passed my body, into my eyes, and tell me what you can do for me.
Can you take it all away? Do you wanna ease the pain?
I just wanna be the person; you can''t stand to be away from, for more than a day.
Run your fingers through my hair, whisper in my ear.
Not dirty things, just let me know that you''ll always be here.
Are you scared? To fall in love?
What if I promised to never let you go?
What if every secret you ever told me, I''d promise that no-one else would know?
Are you ready for that? Are you ready for this?
Are you ready for my lips to be the only lips you kiss?
If not, walk away. It''s alright. It''s okay.
You wouldn''t be the first of many, who are afraid to stay.
I''m so beautiful. I"m so smart. I''d take a bullet for absolutely anybody.
I love with all my heart. I''ve fallen in love before, but no-ones actually ever caught me.
Can we skip the B.S. and it just be us?
I don''t care who you''re with right now, lets just give each other all of our trust.
Put yourself in my place, and imagine how tired I am...

Of searching, and looking, and striving, and crying, and trying to be the strong one, without emotionally dying.
What have I done with my life? That question doesn''t really matter.
It''s not even close to over, so what am I gonna do with it?
To change this world, for the after?
The after-life, of MY life?
Who''ll remember my name?
I''ll make sure that everyone knows, that I overcame what they now, consider impossible things.
Everyone''s life, I promise on everything, that I will try to change.
And if you''re not ready to witness it first hand.
Let me know now, and I''ll leave you where you stand.

<3 ~~ Summer Love((;

By summerlove1915 On 7/3/2012 12:37:10 PM
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