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Cashier Girl

Cashier Girl
By dawolfie on 10/24/2012
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My mushrooms beeped.
My milk beeped.
My tomatoes did not beep.

I looked at her.
She looked at me.
She smiled sheepishly.
She appeared embarrassed with the quiet swiping of my vegetables.

Two more swipes and still not a peep.
I thought a dollar, she thought less.

The bag boy insisted more.

With just a little insecurity, she sent the bag boy to check.

We were alone at the register.
She stared at me and her eyes begged me to speak.
About what I thought?

I chewed my bottom lip slightly as I looked around.
Buffy was on the shelf next to a supermodel.
The TV Guide had many faces of some new show.
But they did not help me with the dilemma.
Then, out of nowhere, she got brave and beat me to it.

She said that she noticed me here before.

Not that noticed was a very dignified observation.
This wasnt a bar, or even a restaurant.
So I guess, I felt a little special to be noticed by a cashier.
I said that I had noticed her here before also.

Of course I noticed her, she was way too attractive to work in this place.
But I could not tell her that.
She wasnt old, but not high school young either.
Somewhere in the in between area.
While waiting for the bag boy, we chatted about stupid things, like weather and which ice cream was on sale.

I made a friend with a checkout girl.
No romance, but something warm.
I wanted to ask her more things about her.
But, I did not want to scare her.
This was my favorite store.
The only one in town who carried the mushrooms that I like.
And they were cheap.

As she looked at me with her head tilted to the side.
We heard a yell from the back..
$. 99 for three!

Well at least I was right about the price.
The numbers went in and my receipt came out.
I could almost see the words on the receipt that spelled out loser.
Luckily it only said lettuce.
There was now one more journey that I could not finish.
It was all over in a flash.

As she handed back my change, her hand brushed against mine.
She smiled and said, see you next time.

So, till next time I thought.
Chance falls upon us all, even at the grocery store.
Fate creates bad bar codes on tomatoes.
And I make a new friend with a checkout girl.

By dawolfie On 10/24/2012 9:09:56 PM
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