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The Doors

The Doors
By aheflin on 05/01/2013
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It happened, perchance, as I happened by,
A luminous red door caught my eye.
I stood entranced, it shone like light,
Against a winters darkened night.
I chose to relinquish and so ignore,
This door Id never seen before,
This door, this door touched naught the floor,
I thought not strange, of this Im sure.

But then, it rattled with fiercest noise,
This door which had been feigning coy.
It whispered to me, Come quite close,
This door, beforehand comatose.
Upon inspection, I examined this door,
This door Id never seen before,
This door, that I should now abhor,
Until a voice cried, Theodore.

This small, still voice, no more no less,
Which sounds proverbial, quite coquettish,
Singing my name as the Sirens sing,
Could compel me do most anything.
Come and see me, sweet Theodore,
Came a voice from the door not seen before.
I turned the knob in search of her.
What should I find? Another door.

This door of blunt, unpainted oak,
This second door, some loathsome joke,
Was mocking me as I stood without,
Would I go on? This door did doubt.
I thrust and heaved this oaken door,
Come see me, please, dear Theodore,
It was the voice, the voice of her,
Which made me open this dull door.
What did I find? A third new door,
That was it and nothing more.

I turned to leave, but then not quite,
This door enhanced with brilliant white.
A thing most beautiful, I dare not touch,
Too pure and innocent, this door was such.
But then I heard the voice of her,
Calling for her sweet Theodore,
Moaning behind this unscathed door,
This door Id never seen before.
I nudged with a finger, nothing more.
What should I discover? A fourth new door.

This door of iron was rusty and cold,
Smelled of aging metal and rotting mold.
With frustration, I turned to leave,
But something detained me, forced me to cleave.
It was the louder, quickened voice of her,
This voice that I could not ignore,
This voice that I should so adore,
That made me shove this iron door,
But that which I was looking for,
It was not there; another door.

This fifth new door, engulfed with smoke,
Burned with fire, so I should choke.
Unbearable heat, I dare not touch,
This door, this door; it was too much.
But then it shrieked, the voice of her.
Pleading help from her Theodore,
I removed the very cloak I wore,
To open this oppressive door,
To save the one who I adore.
But did I find her? No, Im sure.
Another door.
And nothing more.

This other door concealed in ice,
My curiosity would not suffice.
My wrath could now not be appeased,
The voice of her did taunt and tease.
I had to see this coquettish whore,
This voice which I should so abhor,
It pierced my ears as none before,
Behind this frozen, congealed door.
She laughs at me; I cant ignore,
This voice now mocking Theodore,
I threw my shoulder through the door,
But did I find this wretched whore?
No, its just another door,
My spirit weakened; my soul was tore.

A seventh door of crystal glass,
Transparency was rather crass,
That I should see, but still see not,
Enamored me to that very spot.
This final door suspended in space,
Revealed her voice, but not her face.
I realized then, what was in store.
I had not recognized before,
No handle on this crystal door,
A detail that I had ignored.
I turned to flee, please feet explore,
But then I faced my frozen door,
Prohibiting my path as once before,
To either side, the iron and oak door,
The luminous red becomes the floor,
The ceiling of white, I cant ignore,
The smoky door, it seeps and pours.
I hear the voice, the voice of her,
It trickles through that crystal door,
And as I lay on the luminous floor,
I looked to the voice and did so implore,
Wont you please help your Theodore?
The voice, it laughed with such abhor.
Let me out, you wretched whore!
Open this infernal crystal door!
This door Ive never seen before.
This voice then faded, the voice of her,
She forsook her darling Theodore,
For another man at another door,
Who didnt know what was in store,
From doors hed neither seen before.
She left me on that luminous floor,
Trapped by her inane deceitful doors,
To open not one, ever more.

? By aheflin On 5/1/2013 12:10:55 PM
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