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What Love Means

What Love Means
By axeldreamsoflions on 09/18/2013
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Everyone paints a different picture of Love
What matters is the details,
The small bits of differing color and patterns
Sunbursts of red, where for another there is a splatter of blue

Most agree that Love is finding your other half
The missing piece that completes you
But in my case, it's not so much a missing half
As a missing set of lungs

You reach your bone pale fingers into my throat while I sleep
And steal them away with a kiss that tastes of cinnamon schnapps
Cheep whiskey and woodsmoke

What Love means, well, that varies from soul to soul
For some it means acceptance, complete and total
For some it means sacrifice, changing yourself to make room for the one you can't live without
To me, Love means fire
Hungry, primal and savage, burning away all that lived inside us
Before They came along and set your heart
Your skin cracks from heat, your blood boils
And yet you don't scream

To me, Love means sleeting rain
Winds that cut you to the bone and freeze your thoughts
A chill that pushes us closer together to survive
Mint and the bite of frozen air are what your hands feel like

I was taught that Love meant that you make each other better
But, how can you improve marble?
What shines clearer than the sun?
How can a rose be made more beautiful,
Or granite stronger?

To me, Love means going mad
You forget time, place, and who you are
Your forget your name, the smells of home
You can feel the Earth turning
Parts of you are awakened that you didn't know you had
Your bones are shattered
Crumbled to a fine powder under their gaze

Love means fighting
Forcing a flower to bloom in dried dust
Cracking open the other person
And pulling them out, willing or not

Love means blood
And sweat
When I was little I decided Love should never be easy
Never smooth sailing
Cloudless skies
I got what I wished for

My mother and father taught me that Love
Was mutual faith
An agreement on higher power
A pin on which the universe turned
Love meant waiting until marriage
Before exploring the rolling hills and deep valleys
They never said anything about constellations of freckles on a broad back
Or the untamed wilds of a man's ever-changing eyes

As for a Higher Power
Nature is the only thing that answers my prayers
Spitting sea foam and booming thunder
I say my prayers beneath the full moon
And take my confessions when the sky is red

We're all taught what Love means
But if I had to define it with my own vocabulary
My own wishes and needs
I'd say that Love means you

Love means a a whirling dervish
The static of chaos, change, and rebirth
Love is a man with hair the color of fire
A smile made of pure sin
The eyes of a tomcat
And hands that could rip the world to ribbons

Love means your sprawling limbs
Tangled hearts and a veil of lies
Coffee with too much creamer
Cheap whiskey and strong red wine

Love means seeing yourself for exactly what you are
Love means breathing you in until you become part of my flesh
Love means facing the truth, and telling it
Love means that everything changes and we never stay comfortable for long

Love means together
Or not at all.

For L

? By axeldreamsoflions On 9/18/2013 12:16:20 AM
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