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Internal Letters.

Internal Letters.
By youcallmealice on 10/01/2013
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The heart and the head hadnt the need to correspond

for some time.

Theyd been dormant together,

no conflicts between them.

Then a certain person comes back out

of the shadows,

clutching a bouquet of change

and its time for them to talk again.

The heart sends a message to the head,

telling it to throw caution to the wind

and fall in love

once more.

The head sends a message back,

reminding the heart of all

the pain

all the loss

and all the aching.

How it pumped pain for months on end.

The heart replies with replayed


of being lost in another person.

The physical and mental lust

that consumed them both.

The passion that stained the walls

with tantalising colours.

The breaths that got caught between two bodies

before flying into the air with sounds

of satisfaction and need.

The movements that twisted bed sheets

in a dance of intimate honesty.

The stillness that followed,

the uncertainty of protocol,

the smiles that moved down corridors,

the kisses that conquered language

and the pure beating of two hearts.

The heart is the heads only correspondent

and it does not have to wait long for a response.

The head speaks of the endless hours of over thinking,

the lost minutes of mutual music and

the thoughts of the early evening,

the constant musings of a broken mind.

The spilled ink of poetic isolation,

the repetition of every good moment

till theyve become stale and torturous.

The heart thinks about the heads response.

It too remembers the aching

that came with the lonely days and the physical pain of emptiness.

But that all consuming want and need that drives a heart to beat

overpowers anything else.

It would risk it all for tongues probing mouths,

lips brushing necks,

hands moving across bodies with purpose and drive,

heat between legs,

lust between sheets,

quickened heartbeats and unified pulses.

It writes back with one sentence-

Love is nothing but an inconvenience to the mind.

The head is furious with the heart,

it thinks only with rage.

How dare it be so irrational, spontaneous. forgiving and irresponsible?

It takes two days before it is calm enough

to pick up its pen and write back.

I know you think I am cruel, rational and over analyse,

that I think too much

and feel too little,

but I was lost in love too and trust me when I say

that its not just this person that will make you feel.

Be patient. Because love takes that.

Be unassuming. Because love takes that.

Be willing. Because love takes that.

Be strong. Because love takes that.

Be courageous. Because love takes that.

and have faith, because above all things, love takes that.

Believe this and you will beat for another, stronger than you ever have before.

The heart reads its latest letter at leisure

and then puts it aside

before thinking it over for a while.

Then the sadness comes.

It realises the head is right.

The heart had always wanted it to be him.

But it wasnt.

They wouldnt beat together again.

It was empty.

It beat because it had to not because it wanted to.

It had no choice but to be patient.

The head received no reply but it felt

the sudden change of the heart.

It knew it had realised something so powerful

that they wouldnt talk again

until love replaced loss

and the void was filled.

So it went back to trying to forget

the painful memories

they had both been left with.

And like that

the great debate was over.

? By youcallmealice On 10/1/2013 9:28:58 PM
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