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Getting Closer

Getting Closer
By kayakndan on 06/26/2014
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Time apart, eons of infinite particles floating toward a union of hot molecular friction
Time apart, distances measured in drifts of speeding light in search of our face to shine upon
Time apart, transcendent matter blown like atomic dandelions puffs by almighty wonders.

Worlds apart, growth and experience, ecstasy and turmoil, gains and losses shaped us
Worlds apart, travels through the pangs of desirous life illuminated by the glow of distant kisses
Worlds apart, idle fingers, our most faithful friends, tap flirtatious overtures with thumbnails.

Lives apart, skin flushes red as forgotten engines surge a lusting power into a high rpm
Lives apart, imagination sends viscous hands with offers of penultimate sex at unlimited speeds
Lives apart, full throttle plans are laid, sealed with racing sighs and rapid rubs of self-pleasure.

States apart, outreaching arms fail to connect with writing bodies seeking their complement
States apart, clicking to my pixie's pixels brings only teases of golden eons of shared sensuality
States apart, needy minds plot to overcome a halting distance and forever meld our souls.

Miles apart, the hearts pound as the magnetism draws us into our tingling states of expectation
Miles apart, heightened attention to minute details occur without need, mere nervous outlet
Miles apart, expected outcomes electrify erotic travelers, sexual alacrity pumps our pedals.

Yards away, a car door's clack astounds an eager heart into juicy wildness
Yards away, we behold finally our lovers' face, the bodies are no longer a lingering wonder
Yards away, a few paces and useless small talk are the only distraction from a sexy tangibility .

Feet away, the scent of chosen preparations intoxicates the noses and waters the mouth.
Feet away, the smile of yes radiates sweet and arousing warmth through building heartbeats.
Feet away, touching words whisper from finally-familiar lips, resonating down a shivering spine.

Inches away, caution thrown into the little wind empowered lips allow to break our kiss
Inches away, self-worthy hands pull a wanted hug close to a pounding breast, caressing
Inches away, supple lips meet their match, hands begin their raw errands, arousal makes marks.

Distance is measured then in endless increments of our immeasurably internal pleasures.
Getting closer yet.

"Poems are never finished, merely abandoned." - Percy Bysse Shelley

? By kayakndan On 6/26/2014 1:39:06 AM
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