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By Tenderhearted1 on 08/31/2014
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Locked in a janitor's closet at school today
I wish that the bullies would just go away
Being called names, as I cry silently behind the door
Sitting and quietly crying in the dark, please stop; I can't take anymore
Though everyone laughs, it doesn't make it right
Because you are now out of their sight
You see it happening, will you be that "One Voice"?

Leaving behind a suicide note, that might read
"Dear people, that love and care for me
You are unaware that I've been tortured for the past few months at school,
Kids beat me up, and send me nasty messages
I'd like to tell you that I'm gay and I'm proud to be who I am
I love you very much, I will never forget you".
Will you stand up and be that "One Voice"?

Though that this suicide note is "deep"
Will you be that "One Voice", or will you not make a peep?
Suicide victims think that they've made the right choice
Don't let this happen, be that "One Voice"
Wishing that you hadn't commited suicide, there's no turning back from that
"Why can't kids just get over it"? There is no turning back from killing yourself
You're right, there isn't; but my mind was already made up

You see them being teased, yet no one will speak up; believing that no one cares
Hacking into your facebook account, they'd post mean and cruel pictures on your page, for a scare
You can delete that stuff. No you can't, now..... can you?
You can't delete it from you brain
Starting to shed "tears of Rain"
It's like a headache of pictures and messages
Then you start taking offenses

We can all stop this. 1 person can.
It only takes 1 person to be their friend
1 person to be there for them
1 person to talk to them
Know the warning signs if you see them
Be aware of the people that you come across each day
Because, you just might be the "One" to make their tears go away

1 out of 4 teens says they have been bullied
Let's be that "One Voice"
1 teen commits suicide every 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes)
Let's be that "One Voice"
For every 1 teen suicide, there are 10 other attempts
Let's be that "One Voice"
1 "Voice" can change this

Is yours the "One"?

Copyright "ONE VOICE" December 16. 2013
Derek Van Til
In memory of Bailey O'Neil (2001 - 2013) and ALL victims of bullying

? By Tenderhearted1 On 8/31/2014 5:18:27AM
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