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My Man

My Man
By TLCSPEAKSLIFE on 09/03/2014
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What I want
What I need
Is truly indeed
A man with a deep compassion and a willingness to succeed
A man that wont give up if he failed the first time
A man to say Hey Baby I got your back I hope you got mine
A man to let me be his silver dollar because my love and inner beauty can out shine any dime.
A man that has a back up plan cause we all fall short
A man not afraid to dream big dreams because they really do pay-off
A man with self security yet vulnerable to my touch
A man that can make me laugh when it seems Im at an all time low
A man that can tell me dont worry about dinner tonight because it is already on the stove
A man to wine and dine me if I dont want to cook
A man that loves me with more then his whole heart but with his physical body and collective soul
A man who wants a family to give them the love we share
A man to teach our children that real love is something special and rare
A man to tell them that sometimes you can fall in love, yet push it right away.
A man to tell them that sometimes you can search the world over, when real love is right in your face.
A man to tell them that in order to experience love you have to have it within yourself.
A man with integrity and a legacy to uphold.
A man that to my sight may appear black as midnight coal, or bright as the rays given off by the sun, for all I know he could be a wonderful selection of colors passed down from grandfather to father, to son.
A man that is tall because I would really love that
A man whose eyes could pierce me and make my heart skip a beat.
A man that when he holds me Im the safest Ive ever been
A man that can speak to his homeboys and say I found my confidant, lover and best friend.
A man not afraid to humble himself and hit his knees to pray.
A man that loves God, and is a reflection of Christ's love and that always seems to show.
This man that I want and claim that I need
Will truly be a man that God has put aside for me
Right now he has us separated working on us one on one
And one day we will be joined together in a beautiful ceremony and finally unite as one.
I cannot wait for that day, and the moment I say I do.
That man will be my man, and all my life long love dreams will finally be true.

Tracy L. Choate

All Rights Reserved, US Copy Rights

By TLCSPEAKSLIFE On 9/3/2014 3:35:27 PM
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