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Loving Myself.......My journery to Proverbs 31

Loving Myself.......My journery to Proverbs 31
By TLCSPEAKSLIFE on 09/04/2014
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Never knew a love like this

A love so rich

Where everything I needed I could talk about

Where you already knew my desires because you know what Im all about

Where I'm appreciated for the skin I'm in

Where I'm not a part time lover, but your full time friend

Where you can talk and I can listen

Where when youre near my eyes sparkle and skin glistens

Where love is hanging on every word I think or say

Where regardless of what happens I think of something that you said and immediately I feel another


So much

So much

So much

I finally have to say

Finally I know what it really feels like to be held

Finally it has nothing to do with my body

It is all about my mind as my spirit gets lifted into another dimension

All I know is that I cant wait and I find myself constantly wanting to spend quality time

I cant wait for you to put your hands on me molding me like a special work of clay

This time its all about loving me in a different way

Loving me for everything God that you created me to be

Loving my purpose

Loving my dreams

Loving the fact that finally you have total control of me

Loving the fact that its exclusive

Loving the fact that Im tailored made and Im being gift wrapped

Loving that you love me, and me realizing that your love is beyond the expression of All That

Loving that I can see myself in Proverbs 31

This woman is about to be found

This rare and precious jewel

That my husband can trust

To do good all of his days is how I choose to be kind

That just defines a Virtuous Womans character in only three lines

Ill work joyfully

And go the extra mile to make sure that in the kitchen my husband has the best

The gift of encouragement is definitely my strength

Lord allow me to remain a good steward over everything Ive been entrusted with

Keep me diligent in our ministry together allow me to be a wife mother, friend, and most importantly

allow your ultimate call on my life to be fulfilled

Now thats a devoted Proverbs 31 homemaker if you asked me

I would ask the Lord to bless me with a generous heart, but generosity is the blood that runs through my

veins as I stretch my hands to everyone in arms reach

I dont see why a man wouldnt want a Proverbs 31 Woman, because this woman surely has broken the


See Im provident in nature

Royalty is the elegance I exude

Im influential and industrious

Im poised

Im a constant work in process, and I desire to be wiser

Im distinguished

Im praise worthy

God fearing is who I am

So take a minute and see, what an honor it would be to have this God given beauty to be by your side.

For better or worse

Here to endure lifes course

Together as one, with God on our side we will make it and by prayer and God's powerful words, we have

already overcome

But maybe God's just waiting for you to realize that its not good for you to be alone

Maybe its time for you to fall asleep

To wake and realize that I am your missing rib and help meet

Suitable Adaptable and a Gorgeous Compliment is what Ill be

Just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat

So here I am, on my way to becoming Mrs. Proverbs 31

Marriage in the making

A Global Ministry

The world is ours and souls are still ready for the taking! Transformed, Delivered, Set Free, Empowered

and Changed

And to think it all happened because we re-aligned ourselves with our Heavenly Father, and Master

Creator under the same SON!

While loving myself.....I found my way down the road headed towards Proverbs 31 !!!

Tracy L. Choate

All Rights Reserved; US Copy Rights

Tracy L. Choate

? By TLCSPEAKSLIFE On 9/4/2014 4:22:48 PM
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