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By norriskyle88 on 02/04/2015
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Where do I even begin to start?
Countless words and still none hold true to my heart.
I want you to know the extent of my true emotions,
This consequently happens to be my hardest and most sincere devotion.
These words will be difficult to express the majestic perfection of art,
But alasI shall paint the image of my Angel with the burning passion of my beating heart.
But honestly, who am I kidding to really think I can attempt the impossible,
This truly is hard upon my being and most exhaustible.
Please accept my words as true and belatedly real,
For these letters of imagery come from your own beauty from which I selfishly steal.
I would give you my body on the nights of nightmarish wonder,
Please let the fiends ravage me instead and from it they can plunder.
I would give you my mind with all of its minute knowledge and wisdom,
So that maybe you can learn from my own stupidity and pursue your rightful ascension.
Death would be a simple act of little proof or conveyance,
Like these wordsit would only serve to be a mere abeyance.
Well, do you truly love and cherish some other blessed soul?
If so, I will sit and painfully watch if that is what makes you whole.
Smiling at you when you look severely sad beyond all repair,
Ill reassure your heart that Life is beautiful even though it is fervently unfair.
Does darkness chill your bones and crawl over your skin?
I will bring the fires from the sun to warm your soul and induce the beating of your heart to once again begin.
Can you feel the emptiness that is occupying the fabric of time and space?
For youI will weave the broken threads from my very veins so you can experience true loves embrace.
Does the night seethe with black so that your obscured vision plays with tangible fears?
I will leave, but only for a whileso I can capture a star to light your world and vanquish those tears.
Must I subject my eyes to your constant look of hurt and disdain?
If it means a life with you in it then I will tear the lids from my eyes and watch with despondent pain.
I would do anything for youit never would be of spite,
I will risk the whole world to impending doom and bring about eternal strife.
Do you wish to return to the heavens from which you surrealistically fell?
I will demand of God to take my soul in exchange and pull you from this Earthly Hell.
Do you love to gaze upon the silver-silk of the midnight moon?
I will desist its movement so you can invariably watch the rapturous full bloom.
The battle for your affection is rife with persistent opponents,
And yetI will fight to the last causing their transgressive annulment.
Please, take from me what you will,
Open my chestIll remain stoic and still.
If you wish for pernicious vengeance in which you rightfully deserve,
Then desiccate my soulshatter my heartfor these things are yours for reserve.
No matter your request or superfluous the actI solemnly swear to commit,
To utterly prove the workings of my inner heart and undeniably submit.
My Lovethe impossible, most excruciating thing I could ever do,
Would be for me to erase the historic day that I finally met you.
And yet
If you ask.
Then Id invent a time machine and travel back to eliminate all paths to our ever meeting,
Then I would slit my wrists and swallow my sorrowbecause a life without my angel
Has the bleakest, most dismal and insignificant meaning.

? By norriskyle88 On 2/4/2015 3:04:26 PM
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