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Cathartic Eclipse

Cathartic Eclipse
By AncaMihaelaBruma on 09/29/2015
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I witnessed the death of the universe[br>Tumbling, crushing, spinning
in the maddening chaos
of the spiral Time!

Eternity ceased to exist,
Time was no more,
my soul ripped asunder
the stars show no more!

Pleading internally
I succumb my farewells,
emptied my concavities,
ashes of solitude reminded me
of quixotic moments
dismissed involuntarily

you were oblivious to my presence
gazing emptily a brimming space,
surreality became my twisted fate
and no transition left for immortality!

My world is hushed
And I crave for volumes of light
in this glaring darkness of hope
succumbing throes
of cacophonous silence
cocooned in webs of deceit
awaiting the promised resurrection.

In these nights of forgetfulness
my poetry still bleeds inside me
in this realm there is an aeonic distance
between my Soul and your Heart!...

(Anca Mihaela Bruma - 26th September 2015)

Copyright (c) 2015 by Anca Mihaela Bruma, All Rights Reserved, except the right to forward and to share with friends - with credit - which is held to be a good idea and is thus encouraged.

This poem is about the Universe pushing us in the direction we need to go next!

We say good byes to the old habits and welcome new beginnings, as notorious poet T.S. Eliot mentioned: In my End is my Beginning! It is a Time when new revelations come into focus, a time to adventure yourself in a sacred inner journey.

This lyrical writing reflects a Time Resurrection / Awakening, with radical changes and breakthroughs, freeing the Heart and to hold on what I consider my own personal integrity and authenticity. It is about the powerful emotion of Apocalypse, or I shall say an Inner Apocalypse, which literally means Revelation, finding the balance between Inner versus Outside World.

Each of us carries trauma and pain that has been a direct effect of our disconnection from one another, as our society does not embrace our best, truest nature. This poem also depicts how our physical world - with its remaining old paradigm based on separation and disempowering as constant barriers among humans - is removed and new foundations are settled, at physical, emotional as well spiritual level. I believe that the Cosmos call for deeply creative innovations at this point, reminding us that actualization of Self and Spirit requires complete acceptance of both physical and non-material realms.

This poem reveals that it is better not to cling anymore to the vestiges of WHO we were once, or the lifestyles we had, just release and move on, with a new identity, as authentic YOU! The tension between Truth and Dogma, Reality and Illusion, Commitment and Irresponsibility, Isolation and Unity can be finally dissipated.

Why cathartic? Because it is about release!!! And allow new changes to come in and with them we can all embark on a journey of Self-discovery.

My heartfelt gratitude for H.S. for the unconditional support and inspiration!

? By AncaMihaelaBruma On 9/29/2015 8:17:57 AM
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