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Holding on

Holding on
By dantaylor84 on 01/15/2017
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Holding on to what we've got,
To some may seem like not a lot.

Is it worth fighting for,
Or are we better off walking out the door.

Separate ways may be the way ahead,
No longer sleeping in the same bed.

12 years of memories up in flames,
Neither wanting to accept the blame.

Lots of things going on in our lives right now,
Moving on from here I don't know how.

Together forever maybe is just a dream,
We no longer work together as a team.

The end maybe approaching from closer than we think,
It could all be over faster than a blink.

Is it what I want to happen after all,
I never want to see you and me fall.

Is it inevitable this could be the end,
No longer my wife not even my friend.

Losing my best friend, I never saw this coming,
Opposite directions we seem to be running.

Breaking up, now whose at fault,
My hearts feels like it been struck by a lightning bolt.

The pain is so real and hurts so much,
More painful than taking a kick to the crotch.

Is it worth fighting for, I hear you all saying,
It's what we want I'm hoping and praying.

Attention is sought by all involved,
It's the root of the problem that is easily solved.

Fighting for attention is not how it should be,
We both make this mistake both you and me.

We have let things come between us now what has it achieved?
Both of us feeling seen off and bereaved.

Can we get things right back on track,
And stop giving each other so much flack.

This seems to be the way I can best express myself,
Putting it all out there leaving nothing on the shelf.

When you tell me you want to leave,
I find myself struggling to breathe.

You may not believe me when I say I love you,
You just think I treat you like muck on your shoe.

I'm far from perfect I know this to be true,
But I am willing to do anything so I can keep you.

Changes need to be made by us all,
If that's not possible then I will be walking out the door.

Friends are friends but there are limits still,
Flirting is beyond, well that's how I feel.

Others may think I'm being OTT,
Not so sure if it happened to them and not just me.

Joking is joking but it is no longer funny,
It's starting to make me feel sick to my tummy.

You said it yourself, men only want one thing,
Yet you continue to keep letting them in.

? By dantaylor84 On 1/15/2017 9:03:39 AM
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