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The Titanic

The Titanic
By DeannaR on 04/25/2005
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April 10th, 1912 it was to be the most wonderful voyage around.
From Southampton, England,to the New York Bay,
It carried passengers through the Ocean two nights and two days.

The Unsinkable ship, so they say, ran into an iceberg along the way.
They say you could hear the thud,
The noise as the iceberg cut along its hull
It was shortly after midnight, April 14, 1912.

Here is a life jacket, put it on, don't forget your furs,
I am sure it won't be long.

While the music played, and people came on deck,
they really did not know what to expect.

It was very cold, and they were told,
Only women and children can get on board.

As they loaded up the lifeboats,
They tried not to think,
what was happening?
This ship could not sink!

People in 2nd class they had not a chance,
as they were put behind cages, and told to go back!

They still did not know that the ship was going down,
they had not a clue as everyone looked around.
They thought they would be back on board very soon,
to join their husbands, and brothers, and loved one's, who knew?

The band kept on playing, it's beautiful sound,
as the lifeboats were half filled and lowered down.

The flairs filled the sky on that cold April night,
it was such a wonderful, yet mysterious site.
No one really knew what was going on,
until that last lifeboat was long gone.

1,500 people lost their lives,
on that unsinkable ship that night.
It lays at the bottom of the ocean this day,
with all its mysteries and treasures inside, so they say.

The survivors, though far and few,
lived on, without their husband, brothers, and even children too.
In the cold night air as it went down,
Making one of the most hideous sounds.

I wonder how many people still think,
How on earth did this ship sink?

It's one of those things, that we do not understand,
how could they not have enough lifeboats on hand?

For those who were on that great ship,
I wonder sometimes what it must have been like to watch it sink?
To feel the cold water rise above your head,
as the frigid water took you from your bed.
To cry out in the night for someone to help,
for no one to hear you, for no one to care,
for fear that you would capsize them, they didn't dare!

God bless the ones who traveled that night
especially the ones who lost their fight.

© By DeannaR On 4/25/2005 5:52:12 PM
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