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By caramelrapture on 08/08/2005
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Whoever thought that the man who would truly love me,
is a man I met one night on my p.c.
I was in a chat room just wasting time,
and then I received a message from this man of mine.
It said, “Hello, how are you?”
I said, “Good thanks,how are you?”
There was something about his profile that intrigued me,
before you knew it, Derrick and I were chatting nightly.
Soon enough he wanted to meet face to face,
we decided on the mall, a safe but public place.
I was finally going to get to see,
the man who up until now was a mystery.

I was looking forward to meeting Derrick at the mall.
That was until I gave my friend Nicole a call.
She asked, “Are you disparate?!”,
“Are you crazy?!”,
“You are going to meet a man, you met on your p.c.?”
What really scared me were the final words that she said,
“After one date, you could possibly end up dead!”
My frantic fears quickly changed to fits of anger.
All of a sudden I had answers and questions for her:
“What makes your opinions on this so strong?”
“There are men I have met in church who have done me wrong”
“This man has peeked my curiosity,
and he just might be the one that is meant for me.”
“What I am looking for he has, so he says.”
“I know he could be lying but I don’t think he is.”
“What makes me wrong and what makes you right?”
“What do you know about the man from the club that you met last night?”

I’m in the mall so nervous that I feel sick.
I’m anxiously looking for the man I saw in the pic.
When our search was over and our eyes finally met,
coming here was a decision I knew I would not regret.
That was a year ago and today is my wedding day,
and had I listened to Nicole, this man would have gotten away.
The moral of this is to explore love through all avenues.
You do not know down which path love will find you.

Warning: I felt the need to include this because I was unaware how many teenagers are on this site. The situation in this poem described adults who knew what precautions and risks were associated with meeting someone in a chat room. There are psychos who target teenagers because ( and no offense is meant by this comment) most teenagers have no idea what precautions should be taken or they do not care what precautions should be taken. Please do not believe that you can find the love of your life in a chat room.

© By caramelrapture On 8/8/2005 4:31:08 PM
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