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Message to a Fallen Soldier

Message to a Fallen Soldier
By mz.lyrcist on 08/22/2005
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The question of why will always remain in our hearts. From the hurt to the pain is where all the confusion starts. From the love in your home to the love of a community…is where we will always moan. You probably didn’t even know that so many of us cared. It is just the type of love that you shared. You were a handsome young black man trying to make it in this world…but you quickly became a statistic, you started messing with that thuggish world…Didn’t even know you really, really well, and here I sit here grieving as if I were your girl. I’m never going to understand your reasoning for the extra stuff that you did…and maybe, just maybe if I got to know you even better, I would have been able to touch your life and help you to get rid(of your thuggish ways). But there is no reason to dwell in the past. What is done is done….but I just can’t stop hearing the shots of that gun…from bullet to bullet as if I were there, man it seems like just yesterday you were taking the braids out of your hair. I know now that you are in a better place, but I can’t help but keep wishing that you were still here. I really liked you, for a long time from a far….and as the year came to an end I began to come near. I finally got the confidence to come around and talk to you. I was going to tell you that next school year, then I came to summer school and your death is all I can hear.
The question WHY is what I want to know…but my TRUE answer is only yours to know. The guy that did this will get what deserves, cause Lord KNOWS he got on everyone’s nerves! Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust rest in peace my nigga, your death has taught us. All this hating on one another, over some money, drugs, and gold, we must stop this for all of our younger souls. Other types of ppl. Look at us and say that all black ppl. Can do is just kill, sell drugs, and be a slave! Like Nas said, “no one said we have to be gangstas, and we need to learn to survive until we gain control.” And Ashton you know what you fought, but like the gospel song says, “For the battle is not yours, It’s the Lords.” So my fallen soldier you were a pawn in this complex chess game that only God can win and truly gain. So you see your death did help me realize that I don’t need a gansta to love me, b/c there is no definite promise that he will always be there; and I’ve always wanted a thuggish man, but I just cant take that fact that he could be dead at the grace of someone else's hand. And although I feel it’s not fair…I understand that fast money isn’t what I need…no it is the lesson of your story that you didn’t even plan to tell. Shit man, what the hell! I don’t understand this I won’t even pretend to. But just know that your story has taught me not to give in to.(thuggish world) You had everything: love, family, friends, school, sports…but you know what you live and you learn….and now I feel as if I have learned something that will remain w/ me eternally.
So, Ashton Look down on us, and if it is allowed help us, b/c you have touched the lives of many and you have a great testimony to give. One guy once told me, “Um no disrespect to your friend but plenty of niggaz get killed everyday.” And you know what they do! But you know what never one as special as you. So this is my message to a fallen soldier (Ashton Rest in Peace). The question of why will always remain in our hearts. From the hurt to the pain….that’s where all the confusion starts. You were a handsome young black man trying to make it in this world…and yet you became another statistic caught up in that thuggish world. But to my fallen soldier rest in peace we all LOVED and still LOVE you. And now before your eternal rest…just know that I ALWAYS loved you more than any of the rest.

© By mz.lyrcist On 8/22/2005 4:04:24 PM
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