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Distant Lovers

Distant Lovers
By sunshinedust on 09/25/2005
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From across the room I saw him
And across the room I stayed.
How to approach I did not know,
So my feelings were left delayed.
He smiled but wasn’t at I,
Although he looked in my direction,
He looked at a friend instead of me,
How I would die for his attention.
If only I knew his name,
And if he would allow me to call his soul mine,
With his hypnotic eyes, and cute little laugh,
My life would be truly divine.
I’m in love with the man with a beautiful smile,
Yet he doesn’t notice me.
I gaze and I gaze, but still no reaction.
From my sockets my eyes will flee.
Now 1 month later he lies here with me,
Hand in hand together,
And I know I can hope and constantly pray,
That he and I shall last forever.
“I love you” he’d say in that beautiful tone,
And I would stroke that lovely brown hair.
But little did I know, that I would hear the 3 words
That would drown my life in despair.
They found him raised from the ground,
A rope spun twice round his neck.
With blood shot eyes and dry cracked lips,
My God did he look like a wreck.
To my questions I believed would not find an answer
Why did he leave? Leave me here all alone?
He will never say the words that have meant so much,
He will never again come home.
True love I believe is now gone forever
My happiness will always be dead.
They say he left a suicide note,
And this is what it read.
I start with my love for you Enrica,
It is as free as a bird.
I will tell you my reasons for killing myself
And please do not find them absurd.
I died for our love and our love alone,
That your mother just would not accept.
She told me herself without your consent,
While in front of you she deemed me respect.
It hurt me to know that she would never allow,
Because I knew your respect remained strong,
But I knew that I just could not live a lie,
With her cruel intentions being dragged along.
So I say that I love with all of my heart
And I know that it is the last time.
But I want you to carry on and live your life
And keep all of your intentions sublime.
As I read his last words I have to admit
That a tear had fallen from my eye.
But without him I cannot go on,
I know that I will surely die.
So with this I bid you a due,
For this is my last confession.
My love for him was pure and true,
I assure you it wasn’t obsession.
You may think that it is since I still have a piece
Of him before he was finally buried.
But having his hair just isn’t bizarre
Moving on I wish not to be hurried.
But before I go, I want to say
On the table are some of my thoughts
So whilst you read, and I assure that you will
Have your stomach turn up in knots.

© By sunshinedust On 9/25/2005 9:20:03 PM
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