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10 more minutes

10 more minutes
By dandycky26 on 10/20/2005
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i force myself to love
but there is no one here
at this time
i'm rushing too quickly
too still in the murk
wanting to be fine just alone
as if love were just an herb to add to the stew of my life
ornate affection will overcook
love should be jewlery added to my body
not necessary, but if the right kind, beautiful
i'd be a pearl, a pearl of a girl
and david and lisa would laugh
and the moon shine won't have a thing on me
because etta james will sing at last
i'll awake from my slumber, and wonder
how many minutes have passed
realize i'm walking slow
even though i am alone
and late again
to class

my first love will have to wait
i have too many years to come
i won't have childhood love
i'll never hear run beka run
and i know it's smarter not to jump the gone...gun
but while i'm waiting the dentist could be number one
rushing ahead is something of my age
at least they tell me so...
so they can lie, no matter how hard i try
and i'll never meet you untill the day i die
because they told me poems were supposed to rhyme
so there
and there's nothing left to say
so the sun burns away

i wake and i've missed the whole entire complete
crappy day
what if today was it
and i just slept through it
moping around
in this stupid little town
with dreams of the big ol' mango,
i call home,
well...that i called home first

it was an accident
i didn't mean to
i don't make any sense
my alarm clock is a piece of shit
there i said it
and it had all the time in the world for me and deprives me of each minute

just 10 minutes away
and i'm late

i should have stopped and given up a while ago
moving on up...lower eastside...
who knows who could have been on my path
just 10 minutes away
but i have a long way to go
my stew still isn't too warm
and my body is still clothed in rags
not a pearl in sight
but i'm a pearl of a girl
and when mr. number one comes strolling down my path again
on a bicycle that i don't know how to ride

i'll most likely know
and he'll say "hello my pearl of a girl
run, beka, run- into my arms
at last
we're moving on up


and the alarm clock will be un-plugged in the corner of my other room
i'll still be late to

© By dandycky26 On 10/20/2005 4:08:13 PM
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