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The Decline of Us

The Decline of Us
By wickedhart on 01/23/2006
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When did we reach the point
When we stopped caring?
Has it always been
Within us
Hidden behind
Good intentions
That aren't really good
Bubbeling just beneath
Our surface
Waiting to erupt
At some horrific moment
That we knew was coming
But that we were unwilling to prepare for?

When did we
Forget how to feel
Has our heart
Become so hardened
That we no longer
Know how to embrace
The human experience?
We live in a house of anger
Where there resides
Only hate

When did we
Suddenly become blind
To the turmoil
And suffering
Surrounding us?
We are not
Powerless to stop it
Yet we do not even
Attempt to try
We let it go on
We let it fester and boil
Until it consumes
Our very soul

Why can we
No longer grieve?
Has it become
Too much for us?
We can no longer
Express how we feel
For fear of showing
Our weaknesses
Have we become
So individualistic
That we have to grieve alone?
Share with me your pain
I will comfort you

Why has it become
My problem
Or your problem
Instead of our problem?
Help me
Because I am this--
Instead of
I am here
How can I help?
Please do not
Turn your back on me
Do not push me aside
My struggle is your struggle

When did it get to the point
Where we can no longer talk?
You express your opinion
I express mine
We skim the surface
We don't really listen
We both want to be right
We tiptoe around each other
Always afraid
To offend
Offend me
Tell me how
You really feel

Why can't we accept responsibility
For the actions we take
For the mistakes
That we ultimatley learn from
For the things
We don't really know
That we do
I blame you
You blame me
But we are both to blame
Accept it and move on
We can stop this decline
If we only open our eyes

© By wickedhart On 1/23/2006 10:32:16 AM
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