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Rewriting History

Rewriting History
By MikeC16958 on 02/27/2006
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Reviews: 7
They said communing with nature was the best at Biscayne Bay
where Key Largo and Miami are just a stones throw away
so my cherished one and I flew upon wings of reinforced steel
and landed in southern Florida where their weather’s really real

We strolled quaint avenue boutiques hand in hand that time
at an outdoor pub my cherished one drank sangria laced with lime
i una cervesa por favor so cold I sailed away
taking in the scenery of lovely Biscayne Bay

Watching my cherished one finger her sunglasses and smile
we sipped our splendid beverages and walked the beach a while
yachts and tour boats melted into a coastal southern sun
and Biscayne Bay transformed our lives from being on the run

to lazily enjoying life and fortifying mutual attraction
Biscayne Bay gave two souls a much needed satisfaction
of sea and surf, a vacation, souls set upon to see
if time away from the work-a-day could be all that it could be

Then in our hotel room that overlooked the bay
our terrace: breezes, passion, cocktails of Tanqueray
and eyes so blue that Biscayne Bay paled during that time
my cherished one’s sundress billowing on a makeshift laundry line

Salt sea air, salted rims - margaritas that we sipped
and where one began and the other ended and clothes that we both ripped
while heat so hot pushed down upon our passions, hearts and minds
Biscayne Bay and my loved one became another space and time

That world, we shared - those days and nights - dancing until three
Biscayne Bay, my cherished one and a jazz combo by the sea
Faces hot, sunburned kisses stolen, amid salty, salty froth
and feet caressing shins and thighs under checkered table cloths

If I change one thing about how I look upon my life
‘twould be to see my cherished one as my soul mate and my wife
but beauteous Biscayne Bay and that time we shared
could ne’er again be achieved
because to her our time was just a trifle
but it was paradise, I perceived

I quickly found that having can be so much worse than wanting
my cherished one left - memories continually haunting
my heart, my thoughts, and all we shared in lovely Biscayne Bay
etched upon my tortured soul - forever, and a day.


© By MikeC16958 On 2/27/2006 7:29:42 PM
revised 11:16pm
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