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Sweet Love

Sweet Love
By dapharoah69 on 06/19/2006
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Sweet Love
by Dapharoah69

You rocked me to sleep!
When all I asked for
was a little bit of company.
You kissed away my tears.
When all I asked for was some time:
time to get over you.
Sweet Lady.
Because I belong to someone else.
How do I move on?
Why can't I stop dissecting Love Songs?
Whitney taught me how to Save All My Love For You.
Aretha told you to Give Him Something He Can Feel.
Luther Vandross whispered in my ear Here and Now
I promise to Love Faithfully.
Sweet Lady.
Now I face misery.
How do I leave,
when I'm still here with you?
Holding my packed bag.
How do I hide the sadness
that congratulates my self-pity?
Time crucified me trying:
trying to hold you
trying to let you go.
Trying to convince myself
that no more do I care for you.
I'm still here.
I still love you.
But I said those powerful three words
to my other girl.
because my love still grows in you.
But you're not just a girl.
You're my Sweet Lady.
You're my universally beautiful soul.
Dissecting Love Songs.
Pushing and Pulling with me.
Rising and Falling with me.
like tidal waves and tropical depressions.
Let's send a hurricane
to dismantle the tornado oppression.
Sweet lady.
You're hard when I'm too weak to stand.
I'm a man.
Pieces scattered about the earth.
And every time you tenderize my turf,
I lay,
One set of footprints
in my sand.
Carry me,
Sweet Lady
to my packed bag
so I can fill my drawers
on my chest.
And put the past behind me,
as I lay on your lap to rest.

poet of the month three times on Trimaxxpublishers.com. I''m the next BIG thing!

© By dapharoah69 On 6/19/2006 9:50:20 AM
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