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Road Kill

Road Kill
By Juli28 on 09/30/2006
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My body splattered on the road.
Just in time
Before the horror inside me was about to explode.

I didn't even bother to dodge the out of control car.
It's headlights coming at me
were my lucky star.

My way out of hell
I didn't scream. I didn't yell.
This is it- this is my farewell.

The torture and pain of being alive
makes me thankful to the person
who took that careless drive.

The sight looks sad, my body laying there motionless,
covered in blood, limbs out of place.
Until you see the look left on my face.

My expression is calm
I did not die in fear.
My last thoughts were happy:
"Finally, the end is closer than near."

My lifeless body now dead on the street
from this awful life, I can finally fleet.

A burden, I am now no more
the craziness of Juli is over
and on my life, we can shut the door.

My body just stayed there, dead on the ground.
It was the most rest and peace I have ever found.

Now that I am dead, I am good for one thing at least-
for the flies, vultures, and crows my rotting body is a feast.

To most the scene appears such a mess.
But for me, this unexpected death has relived me of so much distress.

The next step for me is to be scrapped off the road and put into my grave.
Something that when I was living, I could only crave.

The world will go on, and be a better place.
Now that I am not here to take up such valuable space.

The day I became road kill, was the day I was set free.
The day I became road kill, I could finlly be.

The day I became road kill, the world was set free.
The day I became road kill, the world could finally be.

Juli Marshall

I appologize if this poem is too graphic, I found some others on the site to have similar content, but I wasn't sure. I understand if the MoonTown cafe staff feels it is inappropriate, and should be taken down.

© By Juli28 On 9/30/2006 9:16:48 PM
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