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The presence of an Angel

The presence of an Angel
By reflection on 10/28/2006
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"The presence of an Angle"

Sitting here thinking back to that moment when I first saw perfection.
The reflection of heaven that i saw in your eyes.
I was mesmerized by your beauty.
My heartbeat rapidly increased with each word that you spoke.
Swallowed so hard that I almost choked when I heard you say, "Follow me home."
My mind began to roam with vivid images of all sorts of things.
This was our first encounter with no strings attached.
Instantly I felt that I had met my match but, there was a catch.
I had earlier told a lie and now I wondered why?
I let out a deep sigh as I drove behind you.
Wishing I could rewind back to tell you the truth.
I realized that I was confused, was use to being abused and abusing the system in which we met.
I was caught up in a net of emotions and doubt.
Couldn't quite figure out what this encounter was all about until I got to your house.
I felt like the size of a mouse in your presence.
Your essence of beauty was unearthly.
Never before had I felt like I was honestly in the presence of an angel from above.
Your real last name was Love and yet the Devil was still on my shoulder as I contemplated getting bolder with my actions with this.
Wanted to steal a kiss because I knew that if I missed the chance that it may forever slip away.
I so vividly remember that day and your smile.
I wanted to stay there with you for a while but deep down inside the lie was cooking.
You were so good looking and your soul and spirit had me hooked.
The chance I wish I had took I didn't.
and so I found myself admittin' the truth.
I felt so bad I wanted to punch myself and knock out my own tooth.
And then suddenly it was over.
The encounter that had intoxicated me had now made me sober and now I was sad.
Felt so bad that I couldn't even look into your beautiful eyes anymore.
And at that moment I swore that never ever again would I do this and pretend when there is an angel within my grasp.
And to this very day I feel like you were the one that got away and I start each day with a thought of you.
And then a thought of me.
And I wonder if ever there could be a chance that I could be free and see that angel again?
She promised to always be my friend but in the depths of me I want and wanted more.
But when you lie life always evens the score and now to my core I feel empty at times.
Wondering in my mind "What if"?
You were blessed with a gift and from heaven you were sent.
I needed to write this and vent, feel like I had to repent.
And as life goes on I will always hold on to that moment in time.
That moment so devine.
That moment when I was in the presence of an angel...

© By reflection On 10/28/2006 12:36:30 PM
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