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Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser
By brutus on 12/14/2006
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With not knowing where my life begins.
Nor, when it will end.
A thousand times in my dreams I have stood at the edge of my shadows, searching my soul
And so!
A thousand times more,
I search of a love that is true.
Knowing you are out there beyond my dreams.
Many times before I dream
I can feel the breath of the dragon upon my soul.
A fire deep in my belly as an hunger of emptiness that can’t be fulfilled.
Many times, I stand in the wind as I look to the skies.
I see a storm brewing from a distance.
Clouds stirring as flashes of light dance in the air.
Thunder crackles.
Echoing in my mind as my heart skips to the beat while the frigate winds press against my face.
I can feel you in the air.
As if you were calling out to me.

Times I feel as if I have a hole in my heart.
And if you could, look into my heart, you would see the transparent moon’s horizon shining over the deep dark sea.
Tossing and turning waves forged from the fire within.. (My restless soul)
I stand at the edge of my dreams with the wind to my face,listening for my true love.
With whispering winds of the night, my soul takes the night in the realm of my sleep.
Wind nor fire separating you and I in my dreams.
In my dreams, I dream of being whole and each night not going to sleep wanting.
Most times"
I dream of a love that even time would lye down and be still for.
I hear whispers from my pillow as my head is in the clouds, dreaming of such a love.
From the halls of my soul, a lonely castle stands.
I stand at the peeks of my tower dressed in white, while the wind tears through me.
With echoes of frigate winds calling my name.
I stretch forth my heart calling back,
communicating through the winds of time.
Thus using my imagination as the artist drawn to his paint,
creating the illusion from my mind while my soul soars free.
A brush in hand, filled with brilliant colors to flow gently as the brush caress the unscorned canvas, creating a love of immortality while time rest upon the canvas.
Thunder rolls, echoing through out the night as flashes of light dance only to be set in time as the wind softly shifts only to catch the petals of blistering roses while the sweet smell of honey fills the air.
Water’s run clear only to churn the sands of time, while time stands still in my soul.
Some how I am drawn to you, who is beyond my dreams.
When the winds touch my face, I can feel you touching my soul as two souls tuned in to one.
Thus, being whole once more in my heart.

Drawn by the waters of the sea,
a lighthouse stands between you and I.
Shining as a beacon for our guiding light.
My soul takes sail, as two ships in the night passing through the realm of the sea, only to have waves toss and turn.
Knowing you are there and I am here.
We take our plunge to the mighty sea, only to meet in the arms of time swallowed by the sea.

On the edge we stand, eye to eye while standing on separate bluffs,
while two hearts beat as one.

I can see your dress of red flowing in the wind, under the moons light while stars blest between you and I.
With the wind blowing to our backs, you set sail a token of your love-(A red satin bodyscarf)
Almost to my grasp, never to land, only to soar as two souls take stand at the edge of night.

With chiming winds playing music to my soul, I stand to the wind listening to Mockingbird’s sing to the tunes played by a harp strummed by your heart, as if two souls tuned to one another only to be teased, knowing of such a love is out there.

From the highest peeks of heaven to the deepest pits of hell, my soul never to rest, only to be caught in limbo searching for such love.
I can always feel you out there.
And sometimes in my dreams, I am never complete, knowing you are out there as my soul sleeps, waiting for a kiss to be set free.
In my dreams, I spend a lifetime with the one I love.
As time gose by, I live a lifetime of dreams. But as dreams' I live on the edge of time!
Patrick Ball..

© By brutus On 12/14/2006 3:58:19 PM
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