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@1st, LOV E

@1st, LOV E
By l0nnieugene on 12/18/2006
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@ 1st, LOVE is in the infancy of intimacy
but the cradle-to-crawl-to-standing-to sprinting stages
take place in a flash, a mad dash
--panting partners pace
2 too much in a rush to touch
each wanting to reach
the flesh finish line

@ 1st , LOVE is the motivational muse
that pours poetry into the couples’ cup
filling it with feelings
encouraging them to drink
the bonding brew that spills over the brim.
So, they turn the cup up
drain it to the drop @ which they stop
to write & to recite to each other.

@ 1st, LOVE is a self-sustaining subject,
an all inclusive, internally integrated
“how to manage LOVE & life” manual
that needs no external equivalent.
Indeed, new lovers often say as much
without blinking…or for that matter, without thinking.

@ 1st, , LOVE seems 1-2-3 simple
1 turns to 2; the once 1 + the now 2 = 3.
Their modern math has a flawed formula,
& walla, fudged figures.
That’s evident even to finger counters.
Nevertheless, the simplicity syllogism remains intact,
escapes from the realm of reason
& crosses the delusional divide
where it belongs,
But, still, the lovers think that it all adds up
to a sum that equals them.

As LOVE races thru the paces--the familiarity of faces takes a toll--the fatigue factor & routine rigor mortis set in--difficulties & differences begin to exceed the parity of similarities--compatible becomes combative--conscientiousness turns to contentiousness--that is when lovers are in the post-growth phase, both feel forsaken, pulled into the gravity of taken-for-granted & left to grieve as one or the other leaves. Sometimes the parting is mutual; at others it’s contested, resisted &

@ last, LOVE is seen for what it is: a hearts’ ship, crafted, constructed & designed by, as well as to, the specifications of 2 people. The ship sinks or sails based on the skill level of its captains & crew --nails & navigation. is only as successfully designed as lovers' specifications make it.

Love @ 1st Sight would, in effect, mean that the Love was based on 1 sense & it wouldn't be common. The eye may indeed be a window into the soul but the new lovers are not necessarily looking @ or n2 each others' eyes or @ least not exclusively. Both bodies become eyelands surrounded by thrill waters that only run "see" deep & quench only carnal conquest.

?: Can 2 blind people ever 'find' love @ 1st sight. The question is rhetorical, the answer obvious in the sight sense. The bottom line is that Love should not be based on 1 source, sighting, sense or sensation, 1st or last. Indeed, Love should take in the totality of the territory of 2, which is much more vast than vision alone can visit.

© By l0nnieugene On 12/18/2006 8:57:56 PM
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