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A Dream

A Dream
By brutus on 12/19/2006
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A Dream…….

Yet the light of the Evening-Star dose not wax away.
A deep slumber you shall fall, falling into the shadow of darkness.
Lost no where to be found, feeling as yee be on air as the wind blows.
Where yee ask for will it carry me, for no one knows! A journey slipping into time while time has no boundaries.
The essence is at hand, time begins, a sleep, deep sleep you shall go.
For I am a sleep” I say to myself.
Slipping into the past as of tomorrow, channeling ye thoughts.
For as each memory, they are of small tiny pebble’s of sand on a large open beach.
For yesterday memories be good or bad can not be recanted, it lye’s upon thy mind.
Tomorrow is of a fantasy be yet not to come, as yee must go forth.
That is of thy path”
For my own path is hidden be from mine own eyes.
It be of what was, what is, laid before thy feet.
To only catch but a glimpse of the Evening-Star (Light of Indigo), for almost awaken.

Still a sleep”

The light of the Indigo dose not fade away, it is of mine to freely give unto you, at will like my heart and soul. You spoke of me once this day to come, for thus is not the end only the beginning.
For if you trust in nothing else, trust in me!

A soft whisper to say hush”

For say I, trust yee of us, trust of the heart.
For our time here is ending, but never more than a memory.
I say to thy self, I shan’t not do this any more.

By all rights in accord I should not be here.

But I am, nevermore.
As in those great stories the ones that really mattered, for times yee did not want to know the end, because how could the end be happy, how can I go back.

Yea’ yee have of another chance of life. Who say I yee say of this.

Hush” Thaws but of a dream!

My life nothing more this belongs to yee, for in the beginning there is of an end.
It is only a passing, the shadows too must pass.
A new day will come.
The sun will rise only to shine out the darkness.
For thus this of memories that really meant something even if yee did not understand.
I know now in those memories I had a change of turning back, only yee did not. Only to keep on going because I held on to something.
What to hold on to?

Memories” Memories that worth fighting for.
Sleep” I think we shall now understand one another only nothing but of a dream.
This shall too belong to you, it was of a gift.
Keep it!
For if I should slip into that memory dreaming of you, I would ask then let me sleep.
Then, this is of a good dream!


© By brutus On 12/19/2006 6:55:20 PM
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