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Hot Water

Hot Water
By l0nnieugene on 12/21/2006
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I’m in Hot Water with You,
but not practically suffering.
In fact, it’s actually nothing
I did not order…
This is like a Turkish bathhouse
from which
neither of us searches 4a path out.
It’s scorching yet we chorusing
~~singing in the rainforest growth~~
Our hearts sing the same chorus
both bud in this tub
as we discuss the qualities of policies
of patricians & politicians.
Every subject’s topical between us
in these tropical arenas.

The Hot Water’s scalding but enthralling
That’s why I don’t budge but cope
as Your hand rubs soap
on2a sleek cloth, streak it across
my skinscape, keeping it in shape
lathering my back
gathering the facts
about this smattering of Black
&@ that anoint point
I don’t care
if we reach sun surface
cause my 1 purpose
is 2haveU take single, finger integers
dip them n2 the bubbling furnace
& begin the covering, burnish
Your bandit imprimatur
as a branded exemplar
sweet passion--heat in action.
With Your hands of might
You rake me over fumes of coal harder
than anthracite
have me, consumed, by controlled ardor
make me immune2 cold water

I enter as sinner.
But in this steamroom
I’m redeemed soon,
sin washed away
never another grim, botched day!
Yeah, I could just lay back whistle,
enthuse, muse about us, play, relax, sizzle
but instead, I’ll move,
scootin’ over, my Sweet,
making space 4the shootin’, super nova heat
that Your naughty body, by choice, generates
innovates &, in the course, ingratiates
itself with my Midas mist,
unites us in bliss.
I touch Your bronze
&each pore responds
--none turn cold,
each turn 2gold.

© By l0nnieugene On 12/21/2006 5:23:08 AM
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