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Brown Rosetta Stone

Brown Rosetta Stone
By l0nnieugene on 01/07/2007
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You are an historical Oracle
---a Brown Rosetta Stone.
i lQQk2U 2decipher
every language from cyber
in which each word, verb, verve,
is felt, experienced, heard
in & with the same rich
pleasant sense & resonance
that it 1st came with
--olden lore, still as precious
as golden ore.

i long4 the Ancient Utterances
& the sanctioned other senses
---as in thoughts @no time spoken
& yet the silence line's broken
---communication assumed authentication--
between the geographic bookends--
thru the sum of drums, casts of masks,
congas' tune buds, griot traffic in woodwinds
carrier flocks with no barriers or locks,
lines in sand, signs by hand,
a rich mix of paints
with no restraints in thickness
--the swiftness with which any message
that presaged, was admonishing,
called attention
2any attempt 2invade was relayed
without preemption
was astonishing.
& then there was telepathy
that art's been lost2lethargy
but while it was extant
it was advanced,
thru which a symphony of empathy
was conveyed region2region,
mind pantomime
that examined famines
&mud floods
--rendered aid @every level
with spades & shovels.
Oh yes, there were scar wars.
but they have been chronicled
by monocled British scholars
as bloodbaths by sub-half
in which the less than fittest wallow.
Europeans were morose beings
who gerrymandered a continent
vowed 2break its vowels & consonants
used every standard of deception
2create a collection of
national misfits hit lists!!

You would, indeed, be affluent
if You were fluent
i mean if You were a Geechee Mama
You could teach me dramas
of our 4parents .
there are those who dissect the dialect
as if in ill mockery
&obviously don't know its philosophy
which was preservation on
the reservation, 2plant-a-nation
on the plantation introduced
b4 massa's nose/eyes
It was Afro sleuth,
a masterful disguise.
i'm no language doctor
but the fact that1
speaks English proper
doesn't cure loss of the pure.

I read multiple, alterable signs & symbols
lines & emblems, rhymes in hymnals,

it’s as if a graphic artistry made a traffic artery
the designs are big & dense on Your pigment
dressed in flowing pencil gowns with straps
the artist stenciled down Your back
they have an elaborate say, as if in cabaret
painted & framed it in mahogany 4all2c.
found on cave walls gave all of them 2U
in excavated tombs, explicated tomes
estimated sated crested pressed sedated
some think that You have a tattoo
But I happen 2know that Your Beauty’s duty
is 2pass as a birthmark that was carved
out of the earth’s heart.

You are a Brown Rosetta Stone,
a form that appeals2peace’s rest
&can reveal secrets
that remain; yet are unknown.
You can remedy that fact
of enmity by letting Your inscriptions
serve as interdictions
between terrestrial border areas
& the extraordinary
which takes the rabid reader
out of a habit of leisure
& acts 2 encourage
him n2 the cosmos’ outer limits
where never a doubter’s image
can ever flourish.

© By l0nnieugene On 1/7/2007 9:53:47 PM
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