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How it came to be...

How it came to be...
By Random_Nikki on 01/22/2007
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Waking slowly
Clasping my hands tightly
Shadows fade as light grows
Little shows of my streams of unseen tears
Afraid....why so afraid???
With nothing to hide behind I'm revealed feeling so naked
Because of you......the dullness I have seen so long has dissappeared
Because of you......I can breathe when the air used to feel so heavy
Because of you......nothing is meaningless
But how is this so?
When so many times I gave up
I suppose for this to be understood I should start from the beginning
All those I've grown close to...
Something wasn't right
They were....in some ways empty
The words they spoke held true
Yet their hearts were amist with lies and naivety
So they did not understand why I left them broken
It was too easy
I showed them wat life could be like, though it was all false
I gave them their desires, while at the same time observing the actions they took
Seeing through everything
.....I was searching....
Each of them had a hole in them
Something was not right and I could feel it
So one by one I mentally tore them down
Looking.......for wat? I did not know
Untill....I found you
You spoke with obvious lies...
.....That I wanted to believe in
Your heart was true.....
...So unsure and blinded
We both were
I hid my attraction only befriending you
I let It go for the fact that I was not the only one who wanted you
But somehow my subconscious.....
It led us on towards a night under the moonlit sky
From that point we tried....
But things changed and I fell into a trap
We both messed up
It seemed as though fate was not ready to bind us just yet
And from that mistake hate grew
As though we were both taring away at each others insides
So for a time it was all I felt along with distrust for all I gazed apon
My world battered and scarred
I simply gave up
And as time passed I covered the pain with fake smiles and laughter
When my only confort was whilst I slept feeling nothing
I covered it all, burying my self in lust and misdeeds
But that only revealed the agony
So I chose to believe in nothing and completely forget
Untill someone gave me a slight bit of hope
Once again I began searching
Little by little you found your way back into my life
Starting by asking for forgiveness
The fact was it did not matter to me anymore
But you wouldn't let that stop you
And were granted an acception
We went on with our lives
"A Second Chance" was brought up
Even though I still felt no trust I let you in
And with each day I wanted you more but was so scared
So many thoughts of "wat if?"
...Your actions of honesty....
They set me free
I trust you now
I found wat I was looking for.......
It was the fact that noone could ever match up to you in my mind
And the fact that what I found in you.....
......Was Love........
So in return i gave you mine as well
Before you came into my life I thought that I couldn't love anyone
That is one change that I am grateful for
And so if you ever wish anything of me
Even for me to throw my life away for you.....
I would do it all happily
Just knowing I'd be with you
And So.....
Forever and Always Eternal....
I Love You
Dustin Lee Wade
There is nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my days with you

© By Random_Nikki On 1/22/2007 12:33:01 AM
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