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By dehnora on 02/01/2007
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Why do you build this wall around me when you know I am to weak to climb to the top of your expectations

Why am I not quite good enough or somehow undeserving of the life you gave me, the life that has grown numb to your madness

The life spent blocking the sting of your bare hands and nursing the wounds from the sharp end of all you say

Does living this life you not only gave to me but made for me not make me worthy

Haven't I always walked beside you and yet now my shadow has no companion

Haven't I fought enough of your battles, outlived your poverty, surpassed your mistakes and learned from the beaten path taken before me

Does any of this count

When will I be good enough to stand beside you and not have my conscious stalked , my thoughts interrogated of their intensions

When will this war you wage against me cease
Why am I the enemy

Wasn't it you who taught me to be strong, to raise my voice to injustice, to never sell out to incompetence, to use my words as a weapon in the battlefield of life,to stand tall never believing the sky was the limit

And yet it is you who persecutes my strength, it is you that forces my fists to fight, it is you who entices the sale to the deed of incompetence

It is you that provokes my words to be drafted into a defense line,it is you that weakens my stance and fills the infinity of the sky with doubt

It is you who showed me that loving someone else is so much easier than loving myself, whom I now hold hostage in the mirror

Well I don't want to build my castle with sand anymore, I don't want your legacy or your name

No more being held down, no more being held back, I want to lead with faith

So that red light that has been holding me, you can have it back Mother, you are no longer my gravity

© By dehnora On 2/1/2007 10:04:09 PM
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