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Up4 Air

Up4 Air
By l0nnieugene on 02/03/2007
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i italicize, analogize us
2 deep sea divers—
experiencing in the Bering Sea
sleep-free deprival
with only 1air apparatus 2share between us
in the lower vs. upper stratus –
thus if there is a hole in the hose as we share it
we both perish!
We participate, reciprocate
handing off the hose as if it were a small baton
in a sort of call-&-response
practicing our action scene
until we get the maneuver smoother
i hand the hose off 2U, then close off
my breathing functions with no fear of needing an injunction
2ensure recourse
4we are a tour de force
each has made a pure choice
2have no rivals 2r survival.
We sink or swim as if with fins
think as a ‘them’ as if twins.
So I can be gallant, maintain order
knowing that no gallons of plain water
will prove hostile 2my nostrils.
My Black doesn’t turn blue
‘cause b4 that I turn2U.
You know by my facial that I’m spatial
My lamina’s cold as if glacial
Your stamina is now like the gold in palatial.
& so Your soft strokin’ hands answer my unspoken demand 4a transfer.
We are @ center resplendent, interdependent umbilical cord
relying on our Biblical Lord.
We’re under the leagues1
employing, enjoying lessons of Ephesians.
I feel like boy on dolphin, few lovers explore this joy often.
You are the dolphin. I feel lost when
I think of the dilemma posed if the hose were slimmer
or not as strong
or if my lungs hung on 2long.
I breathe You now.
So leave You, how?
We are as aquatic creatures
with erotic features
2 distinguish the thing wished 4
& that which duly on principle is truly indispensable.
We are depth/death defiers
self reliers
on joint extrication of all that’s polluted
we’re @ a point where desecration is all but excluded.

Thankfully, we listened as our descent
& its intent was explained.
It said we might feel chest pain.
But in the process we would bond beyond things that cost stress;
& not just tightly nightly
but @ all hours
Happiness will be all ours.
& who needs oxygen when we have onyx.
Since our love shared is firmer
than theirs,
ground-bound, land locked lovers murmur
about our deep sea diving.
& how we keep free, surviving
the impact.
It’s because we remain w/i the rare range
of fair exchange,
something most of them lack
as they seek 2separate, they speculate
that we manage 2hold because we seek Spanish gold
or Leviathan or Poseidon.
But we speak & say we watched less 4Loch Ness than they.
We thrive because we dive.
They won’t, uttering something about
grimacing in the dark & menacing sharks
Actually, if they looked n2 our iris 4measure
they’d know we’re not after pirates’ treasure.
& we don’t dive 4oysters ‘cause we have our own imbibed moisture
in the deep blue under.
If I wanted a pearl2 strobe in either lobe,
I have You kiss my auditory
nibble, leave Your drivel
& all its glory
so that jewel would drool
from my ear
& if I wanted 2 unfurl &, perfect space
4 a pearl necklace
I’d wrap my charm bound arms around
& give You a neck trace
making sure I left space
4the 1thing in the world I’d lure:
a string of pearls pure.

© By l0nnieugene On 2/3/2007 8:27:35 PM
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