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He Said; She Said

He Said; She Said
By l0nnieugene on 04/29/2007
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Your mouth is a honeyed house,
an orifice of oral bliss
like fresh fruits from the sunny south
that produce juice
spills loose
as if You-drenched it in vintage
100th %age thrill proof
wrappings, trapping, enfolding You
in golden goo
until You ooze like marmalade
& enthuse with a warm charm displayed
rubbed on2 the hub
of Your jellied belly
across which I laid a nice spread
as if I were made of sliced bread,
brown toasted being found hosted
by Your navel soft as if I were a table cloth
across its diner checkered path pure
that with minor effort became a bath lure
--a grove2 groove over which I drove so smooth
as my appendages extend images unlimited
over Your enflamed terrain
--an astronomically anatomically
mahogany body
on which I play hop scotch,
take block-by-block stock
of Your hot spots freeing a way
2Your DNA
which 2me is the ultimate genetic aesthetic
causing my net worth
2become sweetly & completely
entangled in that spangled,
sprawling network
where I become a renaissance man supreme
ensconced in its grand scheme.

We’ve perfected a monogamy
that’s not affected by geography.
Some inquire
whether long distance requires strong resistance
2 local temptations? With vocal impatience
we respond that our past battle lessons
have moved us far beyond adolescence.
& the reparations of separation
~~our engaging attraction
results in the most amazing, blazing passion
causes us2 reach
@the speed of dark
the need of heart
---each others.


In the forest clearing atop a northern summer resort
we’re hearing a chorus, a Borodin number exhorts
us 2spend the night pleased
in a tight squeeze
as Your hands salute
the warm form
of my physical sizzle,
a thrilled me, peeled free of my pants suit.
Our sentiment is 4an infinite intimate
spark of alchemy
that starts on the balcony
& winds across the room
to the gossamer blossom fur
of an in-full-bloom spread~~
whose seams seem2 consume our bed
making us Wonder Lovers,
2 vessels nestled under covers
in our sweet suite.

We’re drinking the fine wine of liberty
with an Orange twist
thinking of Einstein’s relativity
that sears & scents our entire spire
as we climb 2the divine
~~~experiment with higher desire
burning like a matches patch flared;
---the synergy of our bare energy
+ serenity shared = mattress mass squared.

You recite 2excite
leaving me even more exposed
with no pore closed.
Your poems soaring themes
are pouring streams
of adoring dreams
that fall sweet on2my nocturnal sleepscape
as if I’ve won the Wall Street (stock) Journal sweepstakes.

Our love—flows-set-free
yet is so well guarded
in a garden of poetry
that we could be parted 4a millennium
yet never feel frazzled or hassled;
never grapple with or dabble in
the apple-2-apple continuum.

© By l0nnieugene On 4/29/2007 2:18:38 PM
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