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Set It Free

Set It Free
By MikeC16958 on 09/22/2007
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Explain to me the depth charge
that a naval ship can hold
Explain to me emotions
in your cargo hold

Explain to me the anger
bottled up inside
that seeps on through the real you
explain the shifting tides

Explain how warm and caring friends
can one day share their lives
to have it all just fade away
into the silence of goodbyes

We all want explanations
of changing fortunes in our lives
of how a person in your heart
can devalue ties that bind

By blowing up and storming out
of a house you built with brick
but we all must face emotion
life’s bruises, cuts and nicks

How do our lives, which change about
twenty times a minute,
lead to estrangement, bitter tears
no friendship longer in it?

From the one who, while in your mind
occupied space in heart and soul
Who made you happy, made you glad
feel so young instead of old

And the depth charge of estrangement
blew its bomb and bubbled up topside
all I can say is, folks
Buckle up, it’s a bumpy ride

Because feelings and emotions
are to each of us our own
we all must travel singularly
along this lonesome road

So if you find that you’re feeling low
because of some argument some day
there’s nothing you can do
when temper’s explode
‘cept love them anyway

No easy answers, explanations
will suffice a complex situation
so keep traveling wayward seafarer
toward your ultimate destination

Keep hope alive, stay vigilant
to thine own true self be true
pray for those whose temperament
muddies up your view

of what life is, what friendships are
and why on Earth we’re here
and who knows? After a little time
this might all become quite clear

nostrils flare and tempers rage
and we may lash right out
but the true test of one’s humanness
is to love within, without

‘Cause people come and people go
reasons rhyme and sometimes no
friendships, loves are just like time
years will pass and be unkind

Love, regardless, trust the Lord
above all else is key
offer love, take love
love regardless - and in the end
just set it free!


BLOG: http://sparechangeandparadigms.blogspot.com

© By MikeC16958 On 9/22/2007 2:07:32 PM
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