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Succubus Devine (revised)

Succubus Devine (revised)
By LIA on 10/17/2007
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Succubus Devine

That day was just another typical lonely and cold day for me. I live in a place that could be looked upon as paradise, it’s an island surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. No matter were you go here you can smell the beauty of nature. It’s a small place with more trees than houses and it is quite peaceful to most but was just a place to me. It seemed as if I was void of feelings for a while just cold and numb and all the beautiful colors around me seemed all grey. That was until that fateful night I was visited by my Succubus Devine.

That night I went to bed like any other dreading another bland day ahead wishing to sleep eternal and walk upon this dreary plain no longer. I laid in bed in the silence which became so loud to me. I tossed and turned but I could find no comfort in my bed and that is when I sat up and gazed across the room and saw her. I thought I was dreaming of her standing there in all her awesome glory.

Her hair was black and very long, in fact it flowed down to her waist and it was blowing like a wind that I could not feel was whipping only around her. She had wings that were perched on each side of her as if she was getting ready to take flight. Horns peeked slightly from under that beautiful hair and her eyes were black and emotionless and it was as if they were burning a hole straight through me and down into my soul. She was the most gorgeous creation I had ever seen and for some strange reason I didn’t fear her instead I looked upon her in awe because she was to me the true definition of beauty. Even the claws that protruded from her fingers and her toes and even from the tips of her wings were magnificent. A stunning and majestic goddess she was to me.

She began walking towards me not saying a word just looking deep into me as if she was reading my mind and every desire I had stored within it. I was frozen but not in fear just in wonder and it was incredible. The closer she came I began to see and study every inch of her face and those lips that were stained with a sensual tent of red. I wondered if it was from blood but even that thought didn’t take away from her beauty.

When she finally reached her destination in front of me she reached up and touched my face. The touch of her hand ignited a flame inside of me that began raging and roaring out of control and it was overwhelmingly wonderful. I stood there engulfed in this flame as she began running her claws through my hair and I was filled with a carnal kind of desire like none I have ever felt in my life. In fact until that moment I had never felt before and the numbness inside of me vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

Then she backed away and the raging firing began to dissipate and I begged her to touch me once more but she just looked and began slowly backing away more and then I fell to my knees and began pleading with her and she stopped. She walked back up to me and placed her lips close to my ear and whispered that she would grace me with that touch if I promised her my soul in return. I thought quickly for a moment about what fate could lye ahead if I gave her my soul but then I thought of the fate that lay ahead just that next morning if it came and I once again was void and empty especially now after knowing what its like to feel.

So I lowered my head and reached for her hand and I placed it on my chest over my heart and told her to take anything she wanted. Then she embraced me and the fire was back and I reveled in its glory and then she lifted my face and kissed me with those lips and it was as if we floated off the ground in this huge flame and then she latched onto me harder and harder and we began to twirl around and everything was spinning and I could feel my life force being sucked from my body but in no way could I resist her and so I just let go and screamed out in the most pleasurable pain anyone could imagine and then everything went dark.

I opened my eyes and I was lying in bed and the sun was beginning to rise and looked over in the corner were I first saw but no one was there. Instead I saw a shadow zoom quickly by me fleeing from the sun it seemed. I got out of bed opened my curtain and I was once again overwhelmed but this time it was by the beauty of the new day approaching. The gloriousness of sun as it floated up into its position in the sky and the moon as it retired from its duty bidding the sky farewell before descending into its home once more. The beach as it tumbled and the waves as they crashed onto the shore inspired me, making me grateful for her and her gift of life. Yes I exchanged my soul to her for a chance to feel and experience the true meaning and beauty and art of life. My Succubus Devine.


im finding myself in words

© By LIA On 10/17/2007 12:02:39 PM
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