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Sucubus Devine( Mona)

Sucubus Devine( Mona)
By LIA on 10/18/2007
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Succubus Devine

My life was a simple one not with many perks I worked as a waitress in a little diner and I really didn’t have what some called a social life. I had always been a bit timid and I only talked to people when I had to. When I was at work a store or paying a bill.
I was totally opposite of my mother, she was a very strong and strong willed person and I inherited none of that. She used to try to make me talk to people all the time when I was little but I just shied away and stayed in my own little corner all the time. I had a fear of new people that was embedded within me and I never knew why.
Guys always tried to talk to me but I never would give them the time of day until that Day I met Roger. He was something special in my eyes at least. He was tall with dark hair and green eyes with the most beautiful tan I had ever seen. I couldn’t even look him the eye when I took his order I had my head down into my pad the entire time. I became so flustered and I became all warm and tingly on the inside and that was not like me one bit.
I think he knew it because when I did sneak a peek at him he had this grin on face from ear to ear and he had the most magnificent smile I had ever seen. I’m sure he got that kind of response from women all the time as good as he looked.
He came into the diner a week straight after that first encounter and he even started requested me when other waitresses tried to take his order. Still I never mumbled another word except can I take your order with the deepest tent of red on my face.
Then one night when I closed up I walked outside to prepare to walk home and he was waiting for me with a rose. I almost died at that moment in disbelief. I didn’t know what to say I just stood there for about two minutes before I could get out thank you. He laughed and started talking and I looked down and I couldn’t hear him because my heart was beating so loud in my ear.
He put his hand on my chin and lifted my head and looked deep into my eyes and I started shaking and he said, “its ok Mona. I don’t bite I promise.”
I took a deep breath and stared back into his beautiful emerald green eyes and fell deep in love at that moment and I knew that I would be his wife.
Sure enough we started dated and saw each other every day from that moment on and everything was perfect. It happened so fast one minute he brought me a single rose and a week later he asked me to move in with him in this huge beautiful home and I was scared at first because I was still a virgin but he respected that and gave me a separate room from his. A week after that he proposed and of course I accepted because it was just like an amazing dream come true.
My mother on the other hand told me that she didn’t approve just because of how fast everything was going but I couldn’t let that stop me. He was the one and I knew it or at least I thought I did.
I had a gorgeous wedding with mostly his friends because I really didn’t have any and his family. My mother objected but after some begging she decided to attend the wedding she just told me to be careful because there was something about him that she just didn’t like.
We flew to Hawaii for our honeymoon because I told him that was one place I really wanted to visit. When we arrived to our room he had already ordered dozens of roses that were everywhere and a bottle of champagne was on the table waiting for us. We ordered room service and had dinner in that night and I was happy and scared at the same time. I brought some sexy lingerie for that special occasion. We danced in the room and soon after her ran a huge beautiful bubble bath in the spa tub and we both got in together and it was simply magical. He took away any fear that had inside of me and then we made the most beautiful and gentle and passionate love and I knew I never wanted to let him go. I was in love with this wonderful man that breathed life into me.
When we returned everything still perfect and I even began opening up to people. He worked in a law firm and we would host dinner parties so I began to know all of his colleagues and their wives.
Then one night after about three months of marriage while we were hosting a dinner party one of his clients started flirting with me shamelessly I must say and he was quite a handsome man and I admit I did blush but in no way did I return any of his advances. When I went to turn away from him Roger was right behind and it was if I could see fire in his eyes for a split second but then he put his hand around my waist and pulled me close to him and kissed me. That made me feel better and I smiled and the rest of the evening was quite enjoyable.
After everyone had left I cleaned the house while he went in to take a shower and get ready for bed. When I was done I went in and showered myself and as I was rinsing shampoo from my hair I felt him grab me from behind and threw me against the wall of the shower and he slapped me and it was all happening so fast I could get my balance and I fell and I tried to open my eyes the shampoo burned them so bad that they were blurry. Then he pulled me out of the shower and drug me into the bedroom screaming, “If you want to be a whore I will treat you like one.”
He threw me on the bed face down and climbs on me and started forcing himself inside me brutally and I tried to scream but when I did he pushed me face down into the bed and before it was all over I passed out.
I awoke about three that morning in the same position and my body ached all over and I was shaking and I could barely move. My eyes were still burning my nails had all broken from trying to grab at the bed while he was on me.
Finally I managed to pick myself up and when I looked around he wasn’t there. I went into the bathroom and finished rinsing the shampoo out of my hair and that’s when I saw the blood running down my leg and I cried for about an hour in the shower and the water had turned cold but I didn’t care I just wanted it off of me and then I went back into the room and took all of the bedding off the bed and threw them away. I guess I was thinking out of sight out of mind. I had two glasses of wine and I rarely drank and then I laid back in bed and went to sleep wondering were my husband had gone. I couldn’t believe I was actually worried about him and rather or not he was going to leave me.
He returned a day later with roses and told me that he was just jealous and that would never happen again and for a while he never did hit me. Then one day he lost a case and he came home angry and I saw that same fire in his eyes that I saw that night and I tried to be as quiet as possible at dinner as he began drinking glass after glass of wine. I was terrified because I knew what was coming and it was the same kind of fear that had grown up with as a child. Maybe I knew on some level that this is were I would end up.
He complained about the food not having enough seasoning so I went in and got more for him and then he complained about it being cold and I went and warmed it for him and then he complained because I warmed instead of fixing him a new plate and when I went to pick up the plate from in front of him my hands were shaking so bad I dropped it and that was all it took. I bent down to pick it up and he got up from the table and stood over me and I couldn’t move I was frozen and I was too afraid to look up at him and her hauled off and kicked me right in my ribs.
I buckled over and grabbed my side and he started stomping me over and over and I screamed out in agony. Then he grabbed me up by my hair and stood me up against the wall and he knocked everything off the table and began undressing in front of me and my heart sank and the tears began streaming down my face I started pleading with him but he just continued to undress and then when he was done he began ripping at my clothes.
He smelled of alcohol and he kissed me hard and then he bit my lip and put his hand around my throat and choked me until I almost passed out and then once again he threw me face down but this time it was on the dining room table. My face came down on the hard surface and it felt like my face was broken and he raped me but this time I was awake for the entire thing and I cried until I couldn’t cry any longer and he repeated it over and over until he couldn’t do it any more and then he stumbled into the living room and passed out.
I proceeded just as I had done before cleaning everything and then myself and then I laid down and went to sleep pretending that it was all a bad dream. Then a couple of hours later he woke up and it began again.
That night I became pregnant with my daughter and during my pregnancy he was not as bad. He slapped me around a little but that was it. After my pregnancy things went back to worse fast.
The years passed and he was a great father until my turned six and she had a big birthday bash. He had to work late and when he came home he was in one of his moods and my daughter was still a little hyped up on candy and wanted to play with her daddy and she went into our room while he was laying on the bed and began jumping and he told her to stop but she ignored him and then he just pushed her as hard as he could and I heard a thud and I went running and he had her in his arms saying that he was sorry like he told me all the time.
We took her to the emergency room and she had a broken arm and he told the doctor that she fell and I was too afraid to say anything else but on the ride back home I held her and made a promise to her and myself that I would leave that night.
When he went to sleep I quietly got up and started packing a bag but I knocked over something on the dresser and he woke up and saw me and flew into a rage and started hitting me and choking me saying that I would never leave him alive and I knew he meant it. I screamed and tried to fight back but he was just to big and strong and he threw me around like a rag doll asking me if I wanted to die and I told him no and I begged for mercy and promised to stay and at that moment I knew I meant it. He had beaten the fear god into me and he was god and I had no escape. One of my eyes had swollen shut and my lip was busted and he was choking me and just as I was about to pass out my daughter came running in screaming, “mommy mommy.”
He jumped off of me with his hands still bloody he picked her up and brought her over to me and told me to tell her I was fine and I did as best as I could anyway. Then he started singing to her and carried her back to her room.
I was loosing so much blood at that time and I was beginning to become dizzy and I felt my life slowly drain from me when I blacked for a second and then opened my eyes and saw her floating above me gazing deep into with eyes that were black as coal but for some reason I wasn’t afraid of her. The monster was in the other bedroom and I just thought she was death coming to whisk me away from the pain and I was ready and I mumbled to her, ”take me.” She then looked deeper into me and it was if I cloaked in all long black and she touched my face. All the pain left and I flashed on the day my daughter was born and I didn’t want to die anymore I wanted to go back to that beautiful moment when I didn’t think about him or anything else just her and then I thought about her being left alone with him and I wanted to find away to stop him and I begged her to please help me stop him but then she started floating away and the pain returned as soon as she took her hand away. I cried out to her and I called her Succubus Devine as if I knew her and she lowered herself onto me and asked for my soul and I said I would give her anything and then she kissed my lips and I began to shake from the raging fire that was inside me and she entered into my body and I was engulfed in flames and both of my eyes were open and the bruises had disappeared and I stood there waiting for Roger to come back into the room.
When he stepped in he saw me standing there with my back to him and he came up behind me and grabbed my hair and then his hands burst into flames and he screamed and I turned and he saw her face and her black eyes and then I grabbed his throat and claws began growing from my fingers and I tore him to shreds and then I devoured and his heart was like candy to me and then after I was done I let out this loud cry as she exited me and I passed out.
The next day I awoke and I jumped up thinking it may have been a dream because the room was cleaned and there was no blood or anything and my face wasn’t bruised. I ran to my daughters room but she still had that cast on her own so it was real and I worried all day that I would go to jail and that someone would find out that he was dead but then I received the strangest phone call from one of the partners in my husband firm. He told me that this morning he found a divorce contract drawn up and signed by Roger leaving me everything and note that stated that he wouldn’t be coming back into work.
I was so relived and happy and my daughter ran into the room, “screaming mommy mommy your ok.”
And I hugged her and told her that no one was ever going to hurt us again and we played and laughed and jumped on the bed together.

im finding myself in words

© By LIA On 10/18/2007 4:05:16 PM
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